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Organizing a wedding has never been so easy!

In response to the ever-growing demand for wedding services, we have created a portal for our client Amoreo, which is a place that connects service providers with people looking for a wedding reception, dress, hairdressers and other highly needed services for the most important day in their lives.

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The cutting edge of technology to the bride and groom's rescue.
Amoreo portal was created entirely in PWA technology. By using this solution, we were able to take advantage of many features offered by web applications. We have implemented modern animations or push notifications.

All that enables you to use Amoreo not only in a user-friendly way but also gives you a lot of pleasure. The pop-up notifications (push notifications through the use of service workers) won't let you forget about the upcoming service dates even if you don't have the Amoreo page open! We have also taken care to facilitate the registration and login process, which can be done through Facebook.


  • creation of a website on PWA,
  • implementation of a number of functionalities for service providers,
  • integration with Salesforce.

Design your wedding!

Amoreo is a service that meets the expectations of even the most demanding couples. Future brides and grooms can not only browse and book services available on the site. Each user has an option to create a profile of their wedding or create a guest list. Another great solution is an ad market, through which brides and grooms can put up for sale dresses, suits or unwanted gifts

Thanks to Amoreo, couples can also organize a fund-raising for their wedding, which they can use to purchase services within the portal or even donate to a charity of their choice The service search and filtering is based on ElasticSearch.

Solutions for service providers

The portal was created not only for people who want to plan the most important day of their life. Amoreo was designed especially for service providers, for whom we have prepared a number of functionalities.

Apart from advertising their offer, they can manage their calendar and employees by assigning them to specific services. Moreover, different subscription packages give them access to a variety of features

Management on the highest scale

While creating Amoreo website, we kept in mind to provide the best and intuitive management of the portal for the customer. The website is based on our own, original CMS which enables to manage every aspect of its functioning and, most importantly, allows to create new landing pages. Amoreo has been integrated with Salesforce, thanks to which the sales team can more easily sell services. A great advantage of the project is the automated verification of service providers by confirming the authenticity of documents that we implemented, as well as the possibility of handling several service providers from one account. Through integration with Mangopay payments, the client can manage virtual wallets. Invoicing functionalities have been handled through integration with ERP Enova.

With marketing verve

Amoreo offers a wide range of paid promotion opportunities e.g. by creating discount coupons for customers. Service providers can also boost their services' positions in the listings and mark them as super ads gaining more responses from clients. Additionally, Amoreo offers built-in real-time chat functionality between customers and service providers, making the communication path much shorter and more convenient.

  • shortening the contact path between service providers and customers,
  • possibility of paid promotion of services,
  • attractive design of a website.

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