B2B online store - implementations

B2B eCommerce - grow your business with a personalized sales platform

Are you ready to change your approach to B2B sales? If so, we'd love to help you do it! We will carry out a comprehensive implementation, designing the architecture of your online store and connecting modules and external systems to fully meet the needs of your organization.

Experience proven with sucessful projects

B2B eCommerce - tailored to your business needs

Are you planning to expand your traditional B2B sales model with an online business? Do you feel the need to modify your existing online store? Or are you a thriving B2C eCommerce business owner and thinking about expanding your business further?

No matter what situation your business is in, see how a B2B platform designed by us will answer its needs.

Offline&online synergy

Are you looking for new opportunities for growth? Do you want to expand your business with another sales channel? Are you ready to succeed in new markets? Take your business to the next level by starting an online store! Implementing a B2B platform will help you provide a better buying experience for your contractors and build a competitive advantage

Development of existing platform

Already have your own eCommerce, but it does not fully map the structure of your organization? Consider implementing solutions that will improve the processes taking place in your online store. Extend the architecture, external integrations, better selection of functionalities - in accordance with the needs of your business

First B2C, then B2B

Are you successfully developing your B2C online store? The solutions you have developed, the credibility you have gained and the business contacts you have made can be transferred to the B2B eCommerce world. Diversifying your business is a step towards increasing your customer base and gaining a foothold in another market segment

B2B online store - statistics to solve your doubts

Business-to-business relations are entering a whole new dimension, as evidenced by the results of diverse surveys and reports conducted among representatives of the B2B segment. If you're focused on continuously increasing your competitive edge, you can't ignore the importance of the latest statistics. How are the current trends in this sector shaping up?

B2B-oriented companies are looking to expand into digital commerce
Chamber of Electronic Commerce report "B2B e-commerce now.”
90 %
business-to-business interactions will take place online by 2025
Raport DHL "The Ultimate B2B E-commerce Guide: Tradition is out. Digital is in"
80 %
entrepreneurs declare that digitalization is their priority (main or one of the most important)
Report on the results of the EY study "Digital Transformation of Companies 2020".
76 %

B2B eCommerce - the business benefits you will gain from it

The widespread technologization of the market as part of the dynamic development of eCommerce, the growing expectations of business partners, and the generational change among executives - are just some of the challenges currently facing the market. However, the current situation and future predictions confirmed by statistics open up new perspectives on the development of relationships based on professional contacts, additionally providing several business benefits.

What can you count on when you decide to implement a B2B online store?

01/Reduce cost and customer service time

The B2B Platform reduces cost and customer service time by automating purchasing processes. It gives you the ability to handle orders 24/7 even outside customer service hours, and thus allows you to optimize your team's work and allocate their resources to more complex and challenging tasks.

02/Gain competitive advantage

With a B2B platform tailored to the needs of your business, you will stand out among your competitors by providing customers with the ability to place orders intuitively, map the structure of your organization, and get an in-depth look at presented offers

03/Reaching a new audience

Every year, more and more people (including entrepreneurs) are buying online - if you're committed to continually growing your audience and reaching customers through every possible channel, don't fall behind this trend

04/Opening up to non-local markets

Starting to sell effectively online is the easiest way to expand your business to more markets (including overseas) on a single eCommerce platform, which increases the scale of your business and translates into better results for eCommerce

05/Provide a better shopping experience

Special modules tailored to the nature of the B2B sector and the specific nature of the business customer, as well as numerous external integrations supporting the processes taking place, will significantly facilitate the entire transaction process

06/Personalizing the offer to the customer

Discounts, price lists, shopping lists and orders written down in an Excel sheet? Forget about it - the system will record all the data for you and display a tailored offer to each customer. More control and fewer errors? By all means!

The best confirmation of our skills - our certificates

Magento Solution Partner
Bronze Adobe Partner
Scandi PWA Partner
Clutch Top Developers 2020
Clutch Top Developers 2019

B2B platform modules - according to the specifics of business contacts

You have in your head your vision of what a B2B sales platform should allow - and we know exactly what functionalities you need. Learn about the custom modules we've created to help you streamline both basic and more complex tasks in your online store.

360-degree eCommerce - architecture tailored to your B2B project

Pre-implementation analysis, design, solution implementation, emergency support - you can count on us in any situation. However, this is not all we have to offer. When you outsource work to us, you can be sure that we will build a personalized online store architecture tailored perfectly to the needs of your business by combining external integrations and the platform engine into a single whole.

Using a microservices architecture, integrating with PimCore or ERP, and implementing two instances of the sales platform? It all depends on your needs - this is exactly how we implement B2B online stores!

Advox for B2B - our services for your success

Magento / Adobe Commerce

Magento is equipped with several functionalities that streamline the process of wholesale purchasing. From price negotiation, through personalization of purchases, to ordering and payment - the platform supports business cooperation in every important area, providing the opportunity for intensive development. To meet the needs of our clients, we have created custom Ready2go modules that make it much easier to achieve the success of an online store.


Shopware takes the best of B2C shopping, providing the same positive experience for B2B sales. Leveraging the capabilities of this platform, we will design an innovative online store for you that is perfectly tailored to the needs of your sellers and business customers. With an API-first approach, you'll be assured of flexibility and thus, the opportunity for strong growth.


Using a microservices architecture (instead of a monolithic one) provides the ability to respond to changing business development needs within specific elements of online stores. We'll build specific functionality for you in Python or Symfony in this way, so you can grow and scale your business more efficiently.

Integrations with external systems

WMS for improving logistics processes, PIM as support for distributing product information across all channels, ERP for managing your business customer base and relationships - external systems and modules that we can implement for you, significantly facilitate the management of processes in your online store. And this is just the beginning of the benefits that await you!

Additional IT services

Our services don’t end with the handover of the project - when the online store begins to live its own life, we give you the opportunity to continue cooperation under the SLA (defining the scope of IT cooperation in case of emergency) or DevOps services (further development of software and infrastructure). All this to ensure the smooth operation of your B2B online store!

Quick ball - why should you choose Advox?

We could convince you that it's worthwhile to commission us to put up or rebuild a B2B platform because of our years of experience implementing online stores for entities in various industries. That would be true in any situation - but we put much more emphasis on what skills our team members have and how we work with each client.

We are guided by several values in our day-to-day work - which ones appeal to you the most?

01. eCommerce 360

From pre-implementation analysis, through the inclusion of necessary modules and integrations, to testing and release - working with us means you get end-to-end support, both before and during the implementation of the store

02. Communication and partnership

Full transparency of all activities - with us you can count on it! Our experienced Project Managers will be at your disposal from the beginning to the end of the project, and regular meetings will ensure that you are aware of the stage of work at all times

03. Response speed

In as little as 5 hours after making contact - that's how long it takes us to respond to a customer's message in 95% of cases. We focus on the fastest possible response to problems that arise so that you can manage your business efficiently!

04. Experienced team

A permanent project team led by an assigned Project Manager and consisting of our proven, certified specialists allows us to implement actions aimed at achieving your desired results every time

05. Flexibility

No matter how unusual or unique your design need is, you can be sure that we will take care of your desired effect (including custom solutions and modules). We don't set any limits for ourselves!

06. Knowledge of trends

We are well aware of the standards and best practices of the eCommerce industry, but we also keep abreast of the latest trends and news to respond to all the needs of both eCommerce owners and customers

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