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We'll set up a solid foundation for your online store to thrive securely. Discover more about how our DevOps services can support your growth.

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Functional and effective software is a combination of properly aligned processes and technologies. Creating a fail-safe, efficient environment that is geared toward eventual expansion is the key to online success, especially for online stores.

An effective system resembles an infinity sign, in which all the stages intertwine to build a cohesive whole. DevOps services are responsible for achieving just such an effect, creating a safe environment for software maintenance and development. How can they prove to support your business?

Process automation software monitoring or proper configuration of servers are essential in environments that rely on stable operation, trouble-free maintenance and dynamic development of IT projects..

DevOps - for maintenance and development of IT projects

Faster launch, more efficient maintenance and a secure environment for development - ongoing collaboration through DevOps services allows you to achieve just such benefits. But is that all you can gain? DevOps methodology is much more than a set of tools and skills. It's first and foremost a modern approach to workflow that not only ensures stable platform performance, but also allows you to manage your entire business more efficiently, lowering maintenance costs and scaling growth opportunities. See what you can achieve with a tailored to your needs DevOps service package.

01. process automation

DevOps services reduce time and stabilise the IT release process, enabling teams to safely deploy new versions of the application, which saves time and resources

02. efficient elimination of errors

thanks to the testing at each stage of the implementation, it is possible to detect and fix errors almost immediately without stopping the entire process

03. cost optimization

automation of processes, reduction of manual work, better use of resources and reduction of the risk of errors is an opportunity to reduce costs

04. quality improvement

use of CI/CD processes supports quick verification of whether new features and changes meet user expectations and are error-free

05. increased security

constant monitoring of the application combined with regular testing promotes the creation of a secure and stable environment, which increases overall safety

06. effective project management

team collaboration, process automation and continuous integration enable better monitoring of project progress and quick action

DevOps services - a catalogue tailored to your business needs

While delivering DevOps services, we use cutting edge tools combined with years of experience gained across multiple industries. As a result, we know how to translate your business needs into final solutions. The catalogue of operations we carry out will provide continuous support for your platform. We will take care of the smooth operation of the system at all stages - starting with the creation and ending with the constant maintenance of the infrastructure. All this so that you do not have to worry about potential errors, downtime or inefficient use of resources. Discover how we can back your business!


Regardless of the scope and type of your business, ensuring software security requires a comprehensive approach. Nowadays, creating a secure environment is not only limited to a carefully designed architecture and proper configuration. It is also important to maintain it - providing continuous updates and monitoring. In this way, it is possible to detect in advance impending problems (such as expiring SSL certificates or the risk of data leakage).

To maximize the security of your software, we'll tailor tools to its specifics and needs. From using native solutions, to isolating servers on private networks, to completely cutting off the server from the external network, we'll do everything to make you feel secure in a challenging online environment.


In the era of digital transformation, the needs of users (whose numbers are also growing) are constantly changing. Meeting the expectations of the audience requires continuous improvement of the platform and introduction of new functionalities. In many cases, however, such actions can lead to a reduction in system performance and, consequently, achieve the opposite of the intended effect. After all, it only takes a few seconds of waiting for a page to load for a user to give up browsing. For this reason, when we offer DevOps services, we focus on improving the performance of your software. How do we do this?

We will analyse your environment in terms of the requirements of the server (or, if necessary, several servers), the data used and the resources operated. Based on this, we will create a flexible architecture that best suits the current and future needs of your business.

Resistance to failures

What if the system encounters a sudden failure? What if one of the servers stops working? What if the architecture does not automatically recover after the problems are resolved? In any of these cases, even a temporary downtime of the platform can generate lost benefits and affect the dissatisfaction of potential customers. To improve the stability of the environment, the right approach is important.

With DevOps services, it is possible to create a flexible infrastructure, for example, by placing servers in different datacenters. When one of them stops working traffic will automatically be redirected to the other servers, minimising the impact of the failure on the platform's operation. In addition, thanks to continuous integration and the ability to restore historical data, it is possible to quickly and securely deploy patches and possible updates. In turn, the use of automation tools (e.g. Ansible) reduces the risk of errors and the time spent working on environment configuration. This way, your business can operate seamlessly.

Monitoring and maintenance

Smooth operation of your platform? That's guaranteed with well-configured monitoring. This area of DevOps is an important part of the overall architecture, providing insight into the quality of operation of all services and full control over the processes taking place. Thanks to the use of tools such as Grafana or Zabbix, it is possible to detect errors at early stages of their creation, and thus prevent crisis situations.

In summary, monitoring helps gain insight into software performance, system health, and user behaviour. By getting feedback, it is possible not only to maintain stability, but also to continuously improve your own products.

Consulting in the area of CI/CD

CI/CD is often hailed as the backbone of DevOps initiatives. Wondering why? The acronym is derived from the terms: Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD). They describe the process of deploying new software versions to a server. CI/CD automates all possible stages of teams' work (including testing, deployment, maintenance). This speeds up the work of releasing a project, while saving time and resources that can be diverted to further development.

Under CI/CD, the validity of the written code is first verified in the test environment. Then it is sent to the "stage" environment, where the final verification takes place. Finally - the verified code is automatically deployed to the production environment, which allows quick feedback to developers and reduces the risk of errors. Adopting such a methodology allows you to be sure that the created project will be stable, which is conducive to maintaining a secure position in the competitive market.

DevOps + Advox - our technology stack

The DevOps team helps create IT projects that require vision, planning, and close collaboration in such a way as to successfully deliver a high-quality product. What sets our team apart? Experience gained over the years and knowledge of various types of tools. At Advox, we use a wide technology stack (and still learning new tools) in accordance with the standards we have developed over the years. Learn about just some of the technologies we use on a daily basis. See how they help create projects that meet the needs of our clients!

01. Docker

Using this tool, we can carry out the process of application containerization and orchestration, i.e. isolation and virtualization of processes in a way that allows us to deliver a full version of the system (e.g. as part of a restore to a previous version)

02. Kubernetes

An open source system used by many companies (e.g. Spotify, OpenAI) to manage and scale containerized applications. By administering all environments with this tool, updates can be deployed faster and more securely

03. Grafana

All store data collected in an orderly and easy-to-analyse manner and, in addition, displayed on a single screen - with technology like Grafana, monitoring of individual elements is significantly facilitated and accelerated

04. GitLab CI/CD

One click of the developer to make the application appear on the server? This automation of the deployment process avoids errors and significantly speeds up the software release process

05. Ansible

Efficient administration of multiple servers at the same time, storage of technical documentation and handling of updates is done using the software written in Python - Ansible

06. Zabbix

This is one of the systems that is responsible for ongoing monitoring of the operating system in a selected aspect. This makes it possible to quickly detect errors and avoid the negative impact of failures

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