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We are a partner in the eCommerce revolution. From the very beginning we guide our clients step by step through the whole process of designing and implementing advanced IT systems. And these not only work, but generate profits and help to build positive experiences. So what do you say we get to know each other?

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We are a software house with several years of experience. Apart from creating advanced B2B and B2C online stores on the Magento platform, we implement many other services, functionalities and IT products that make your eCommerce grow and leave the competition far behind. We provide all the necessary complex functionalities and integrations with external systems, including WMS, ERP, CRM, SAP. Our platforms are scalable, secure, optimized and tailored to the needs of our customers.

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Our work is treated as an exchange of experience. We like to start cooperation with a client from deep analysis and competitive intelligence to understand business goals and propose the best solutions. Each time we select the project management methodology according to the client's needs and the challenge set before us. Performance and profitability are our guiding principles.

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The draft law "Digital Poland. Package of changes 2022" - eCommerce news #no. 29

What happened in the world of eCommerce over the past two weeks? Find the answer to the above question in the latest edition of our Press Release! Proposed changes to the law suggested by the Chamber of Electronic Commerce, the results of a report on online stores' video campaigns and new solutions to facilitate customer service - all this news awaits you this time! Do you want to learn more? We encourage you to read on!

10 mistakes you can make when designing a B2C online store

The beginnings are the hardest - especially when it comes to running a B2C online store. In the rapidly changing eCommerce industry, it's easy to make mistakes at every stage of website development. From failing to do a business analysis, to underdeveloped UX design, to unsystematic updates - learn about the most common mistakes that occur during eCommerce store development and ensure a safe start in eCommerce!

Sales peak. Prepare your eCommerce for the best season of the year

The last quarter of the year is getting closer and closer, which means that eCommerce stores are anticipating the sales peak associated with Black Friday discounts or Christmas gifts. However, in order to achieve the expected results during this period, it is necessary to properly prepare eCommerce in several important areas (including logistics, infrastructure or marketing). How should this be done? We answer!

mCommerce, VR, same-day delivery - eCommerce news #no. 28

What is the best way to get familiar with the latest news from the world of eCommerce? The answer is obvious - just read the codeweekly edition of our Advox Press Release! In the 28th edition, you'll find out why mCommerce is gaining popularity and what innovative solutions CCC and marketplace Allegro have recently introduced. Will you read - to stay up to date?

Smart shopping - a requirement of the current times or the new face of the consumer?

How much do external factors influence customers' purchasing decisions? In modern times, they are exceptionally important - the effects of pandemics, the dynamic growth of inflation or unstable forecasts about the future of the economy are forcing consumers to plan their budgets more prudently. The answer to the changing patterns is smart shopping. What is the above idea based on? How does it affect eCommerce sales? How to prepare for long-term changes? You can find out everything in this article!

Buy Now, Pay Later - deferred payments in the service of eCommerce

You buy an item, check its usefulness, and only then pay for the order - such a solution may prove to be a lifesaver for the consumer, especially in times of ever-increasing inflation. It has been around the world since 2015 under the name Buy Now, Pay Later, but in Poland the trend for deferred payments has only been going on for a couple of months or so. How do you implement BNPL into your eCommerce? Will they prove to be a payment standard? What challenges do they face in the future? Find out by reading this article!

eCommerce news #no. 27

Another two weeks have passed, which not only marks the inexorable end of August, but also brings with it good news - which news? We mean the release of the latest edition of our Press Release, in which another portion of news from the world of eCommerce awaits you. Are you curious about what new things the end of the vacation brought? We encourage you to read it!

Pop-ups - a relic of the past or a timeless solution?

Pop-up is a solution that many may associate with archaic and unreadable websites. However, it turns out that the above vision is just a perpetuated stereotype - today pop-ups are a great tool to attract potential customers, promote products or provide technical support. Read our article, learn about all types of pop-ups and convince yourself to introduce this type of solution in your eCommerce!

Microservices or monolith - which architecture will work for your eCommerce project?

It would seem that the only decision an eCommerce owner has to make is about the platform his online store will be built on. However, this is a completely wrong assumption - another issue that needs to be thought through is the architecture of the eCommerce project. Until some time ago, only monolithic solutions were used, nowadays it is increasingly common to go for microservices or a hybrid of both solutions. Find out what are the characteristics of these ways of creating architecture and check which one will be best for your store!

eCommerce news #no. 26

Poles are eager to take advantage of the innovative solutions offered by eCommerce, and their purchasing decisions are changing in line with global trends. How to keep up with the growing expectations of consumers? Nothing simpler, you just need to stay up to date - and this will definitely make it easier to read the next edition of our Advox Press Release! Will you read it?

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