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We are a partner in the eCommerce revolution. From the very beginning we guide our clients step by step through the whole process of designing and implementing advanced IT systems. And these not only work, but generate profits and help to build positive experiences. So what do you say we get to know each other?

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We are a software house with several years of experience. Apart from creating advanced B2B and B2C online stores on the Magento platform, we implement many other services, functionalities and IT products that make your eCommerce grow and leave the competition far behind. We provide all the necessary complex functionalities and integrations with external systems, including WMS, ERP, CRM, SAP. Our platforms are scalable, secure, optimized and tailored to the needs of our customers.

We understand your business

Our work is treated as an exchange of experience. We like to start cooperation with a client from deep analysis and competitive intelligence to understand business goals and propose the best solutions. Each time we select the project management methodology according to the client's needs and the challenge set before us. Performance and profitability are our guiding principles.

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How to choose the best frontend technology for your online store?

Although the so-called "tech stack" is the department of a software house, it is worthwhile to be aware of what technologies can be used to design your online store. This is especially important in the frontend area, which includes the user-visible part of the site. Cost, time, ability to develop or gain support? Check out what factors you should consider when choosing a frontend technology!

From postal delivery to qCommerce, how delivery trends are shaping up

Click and Collect, qCommerce, sustainable deliveries - new trends in the logistics market are emerging at a dizzying pace and mean that a courier or parcel machine is now just the bare minimum. Achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty has never been so difficult, so companies are offering newer and newer solutions to make shoppers comfortable. Check which ones fit best for your eCommerce business?

eCommerce news #no. 25

InPost surprises with innovative solutions, Klarna develops its payment model in Poland, and the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection takes up the fight against fake reviews on the Internet. The world of eCommerce is changing at a dizzying pace - how to keep up with it? We come to your aid - and, as every two weeks, we present the next edition of our Press Release. Will you read it?

Playing to one goal - what should a recruitment interview look like?

Hundreds of complicated technical questions, inquisitive inquiries about experience, and finally the famous riddles to test creativity - there are many legends surrounding recruitment interviews. Gwidon Tomczak - our Junior HR Specialist - will talk about how such a meeting should look like, and why we at Advox put getting to know the candidate first. We invite you to read more!

Social Commerce - is it profitable selling through social media?

Social media is definitely a phenomenon of the 21st century. It's hard to answer conclusively why we use them so eagerly, but what is certain is that we expect more and more from them. What if, while scrolling through Facebook, we could conveniently shop? That's exactly what social commerce guarantees! Learn about the benefits that social media sales will bring to your online store.

eCommerce news #no. 24

It's time to end the wait - the latest edition of our Press Release is ready! As every two weeks, we present an overview of news from the world of eCommerce. How are the forecasts for market development in 2023 shaping up? How strongly will inflation affect the future? How is TikTok struggling to increase online sales? If you are curious, read on!

Recollections from PHPers Summit 2022

On June 25, we had the opportunity to appear at PHPers Summit 2022, one of the largest industry events for PHP developers, of which we were the Main Sponsor this year. And you can read about what went on during the event in a short report on our blog. Booth, talks, workshops, panel discussions, games and contests - all in one place!

eCommerce news #no. 23

Thirsty for another dose of news from the world of eCommerce? In our first holiday Press Release, we come with interesting news alone, including a study by the Chamber of Electronic Economy on the shopping habits of Poles, the effects of the InPost&MODIVO cooperation on green logistics, and alarming reports on the desire to increase rents for tenants of mall space.

At Advox we focus on conversations - interview with Patrycja Łasinska

At Advox Studio, we place emphasis on a culture of conversation that characterizes us on a daily basis. We spoke with Patrycja Łasinska, Team Leader of the HR department, about how the culture of conversation developed technologies in our case, increasing employee satisfaction and bringing additional benefits. We encourage you to read the first interview on our blog!

CMS in an online store - yes or no?

The mobile-first approach is the buzzword that best describes today's times - year after year, more and more transactions in online stores are made from a smartphone. What are the reasons for this? Why mCommerce is developing so dynamically? And finally - what can be done to make our mobile website work as well as possible? We explain!

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