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Top quality cosmetics of own production, exclusive brands and omnichannel sales - all that not only makes Asambeauty appreciated by make-up fans, but also by eCommerce industry.

For our client we introduced one of the biggest Magento2 PWA (Progressive Web App) implementations in Europe. The advanced open-source based functionality supports a personalized shopping experience. Thanks to PWA Asambeauty noticeably increased its conversion rate.

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Magento 2 PWA
Asambeauty project is not just a simple migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Actually, it was one of the largest PWA implementations on the German market. Thanks to the use of technology, the loading time of the product pages was reduced to less than 1 second, which, with over 1,000,000 visits per month, is crucial from the point of view of the UX.

PWA also allows adding a page icon to the home screen, which positively affects customer engagement and speeds up access to the store.


  • migration of the store from Magento 1 to Magento 2,
  • project implementation in PWA technology,
  • increase in conversion rate due to transparent design, simplified purchase path and appropriate optimization of page load time.

Quick and efficient navigation

Navigation on platform is extremely intuitive. All thanks to broad possibilities of flexible filtering of products and advanced menu panel.

With this feature Asambeauty's customers can not only easily get to the right product categories, but they are also able to browse bestsellers, gift sets and cosmetics on sale. Moreover, advanced product cards allow users to verify products through the system of recommendations, video section and in-depth information concerning the full composition of cosmetics.

Elastic Search

Equally important to the quality of the project is the search engine based on the Elastic Search engine. This functionality was implemented in such a way as to unload Magento engine as much as possible.

The system of search suggestions and dynamically generated hints along with their visualization make reaching the products even faster and easier.

Shopping cart functionalities

On the shopping cart page, we implemented solutions enabling order placement by Customer Service and ongoing verification of address correctness, which was extremely important for our client.

The shopping cart page - most strategic element of eCommerce platforms

In order to influence the positive shopping experience of visitors, we have enabled adding products to the wish list from the cart level. Important functionality for Asambeauty's customers is also the option to pay for the order not only in a standard way, but also through Amazon Pay account. Such a solution has an impact on:

  • increasing sales,
  • building customer loyalty.

Easy and pleasant shopping experience

Thanks to a specially prepared wishlist, the customers will not miss any product that they might be potentially interested in.

Objectives set:

  • simplifying the shopping path,
  • creating the most convenient environment for buyers with the use of synergistic action of stationary stores and online stores,
  • facilitating data flow between internal systems.
Tolga Besiktasli, Teach Lead, @Asambeauty GmbH.

"I like the fact that we can bring different types of people together [...] and that we get different opinions. I value their flexibility."

Adding products to the shopping cart

Asambeauty's customers, while adding new products to the shopping cart, are also informed about the time of free delivery. It is a great solution, especially when making bigger purchases in the store. From now on you can see if you need to add more products to your shopping cart to get the order delivered for free.

New advertising options

Asambeauty can provide its customers with a positive shopping experience through advertising tags. They allow not only to implement information about seasonal discounts or sales like Black Friday, but additional messages about bestsellers. supports several foreign markets. Customers can pay for purchases made on the website in different currencies. The store has become a perfectly developed portal from the marketing point of view, which provides its users with the necessary information and influences their purchasing decisions.

System of recommendations and referrals

While working on the project, we have also taken care of an efficient system of recommendations and referrals.

Users have not only a constant preview of products purchased earlier. They are also constantly informed and asked to give ratings to particular articles.

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