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Advanced eCommerce implemented in less than 100 days


Frontend & Backend Development

Special features

Integration with SAP Business One





Would you like to taste luxury delicatessens from the TOP Warsaw suppliers? It has just become possible thanks to the project that we have carried out for our client in just 100 days!

Innovative online platform offers a possibility to buy favorite food and premium products from well-known and respected suppliers on the gastronomic map of Warsaw.

Deli2 logo

Frontend - over 120 hours spent on the graphic design of the store to delight everyone who enters the website. store not only looks great but is very intuitive and easy to navigate.


  • UI & UX design, in which we focused not only on the business aspect of the project, but also on its usability,
  • frontend that fully meets customer expectations, is user friendly and adapted to different devices,
  • optimization for better performance and faster loading time of each page.

Delivery calendar

The application is a response to customer needs.

Thanks to the external module introduced by our Magento team has gained a brand new delivery calendar, in which customers can choose what day and what time they want to receive their order.

Bestsellers list

From now on, customers are kept informed about the bestselling items on sale, broken down by product category. From a marketing point of view, the bestseller list is a great opportunity for customers to further increase sales of their favorite products and strengthen brand awareness.

The basis of our cooperation

The basis of our cooperation with the customer is always conversation and analysis thanks to which we specify the main objectives of implementation and propose the best solutions on the spot

Exchange of experience with employees allowed us to quickly get to know the industry and customer expectations. Regular consultations gave in turn confidence that we realize the customer's vision well.

Marlena Żurawska-Szuter, Head of E-commerce, @DELI2 S.A.

"The ADVOX Studio team was able to successfully complete the tasks set within all the agreed deadlines. The team took a flexible approach and was willing to take on responsibilities that went beyond the scope of the project but ultimately improved it."

Notification system

In our project for we took care of implementing such functionalities as sending notifications about products currently unavailable in the store's offer to the customers' e-mail addresses.

Shopping cart functionality

Thanks to the function of saving products on the shopping cart customers can easily create individual variants of orders without the necessity to search the products in the store again.

Internal integrations

Integration with SAP Business One, which is responsible for financial processes and warehouse operations, provides the ability to receive invoices, send them by e-mail to customers and conveniently assign sales documents to individual orders, taking into account possible returns and order edits.

Do you want to download your invoice? Nothing simpler! Thanks to the platform's integration with SAP, you can download it at any time from your Magento account.

How do we work?

  • choose your favorite products from places you know,
  • add products to your cart,
  • choose a convenient delivery day and time,
  • we will complete your order from fresh products with guaranteed quality,
  • we will deliver safely to your door and even your kitchen,
  • enjoy delicious products and... come back to us.

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