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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. However, in practice CRM is used in a number of different aspects of a company's operation, where a customer plays a major role. The benefits of implementing the system are obvious to most companies. Learn about them!

Why CRM?

A good CRM facilitates functioning of the company, supports and automates key processes. What main advantages can you notice after its implementation?

Customer service

Effective customer service is at a premium today. CRM allows you to create a database of customers with contact information and purchase history, so you can more easily reach them with an individual offer. This in turn will strengthen their loyalty to your brand.

Work organization

Work automation means that many tasks that used to occupy your employees' time will be taken over by the system. Thanks to such a solution, they will be able to work more efficiently and manage their time.

Access to data

Marketing activities should be based on data. With the CRM system you will gain access to a large amount of data in one place. This will facilitate the analysis and preparation of an effective strategy of sales and promotional activities. Quick access to data will also influence more accurate business forecasts. You will not have to wait long for positive results.

Internal communication and performance monitoring

CRM will affect the fluency of customer information transfer within your company's teams. The system will also allow you to control the effectiveness of individual employees and entire teams on an ongoing basis. Thanks to this you will be able to implement the necessary changes in a short time.

Why Advox?

Our team includes experienced developers whose knowledge of CRM systems is invaluable. Advox's offer includes Salesforce implementation - a CRM that is breaking records of popularity. It is a completely cloud-based platform that provides comprehensive solutions for business.

We also have integrations of other CRM systems in our portfolio. The offer is always tailored to the needs of our customers.

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