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Python - choose the fastest growing programming language for your project

Dynamics, multitasking, interpretability - why will these features of Python benefit your project? Learn the answer to this question and see what we can do for you!

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Do you look at recommended content on Instagram? Do you use the numerous features offered by YouTube? Do you download music on the Spotify app? You perform all these activities every day without realizing that each of the mentioned international giants uses solutions provided by Python.

This programming language is by far the most popular at the moment, as evidenced by the growing number of websites and online stores (although not only) using this modern technology.

Will you check out why you should also choose Python for your project implementation?

Python - custom solutions built for the future

Diverse usability, high dynamics and low complexity - these are the characteristics Python is most often referred to. Maximum simplification and readability of the code make it possible to create even the most complex solutions and diverse functionalities (depending on the needs and libraries or frameworks used) in this general-purpose programming language. What key features make Python referred to as the "language of the future"?

Open-source availability

The development of this programming language is taken care of by an ever-growing global community of developers, who are dedicated to modifying, improving or adding useful features to various types of applications.

Versatility and flexibility

Web and mobile applications, online stores, data analysis tools, computer games - the numerous applications of this programming language make it eagerly sought after by companies in various industries.

Ready-made solutions

Django, Flask, Falcon, Japronto, Pandas and many, many more - the rich community around Python is constantly creating frameworks and libraries dedicated to this programming language, which results in less effort in developing projects.

Seamless integration

Python can be used in almost any environment without sacrificing performance and integrates seamlessly with various platforms, external systems, components of your infrastructure, languages, frameworks, libraries and other solutions.

High interpretability

With this programming language, there is no need to recompile the code in order to run the application on other platforms - it is automatically converted into a computer-readable form, allowing you to see the effects of the changes in less time.

Scalability and efficiency

Thanks to these characteristics of the programming language, it is possible to develop applications without restrictions and losses to the efficiency of operation.

Python has been recognized in the TIOBE 2022 ranking as the fastest growing programming language. Does that convince you to use it for your application development?

The fastest growing technology - Python in the service of modern business

Are you running a start-up and need to release a product using automation to the market in the shortest possible time? Create it in Python. Your multinational corporation is currently working on a new solution to enhance user experience with artificial intelligence? Choose Python for the programming work. Do you want your online business to take advantage of the latest technological solutions characterized by high flexibility and scalability? Pick Python.

The versatility of this forward-looking programming language means that it can be used for a variety of purposes (according to the diagnosed needs of the company) for projects of any size and complexity. What are the most popular application areas of Python?

Data science

Automatic tests

AI, machine learning, IoT


eCommerce and Web Design

Python in the service of eCommerce - what solutions can you implement in your online store?

While Python finds its uses in creating computer games, designing scripts for complex data calculations or providing automated solutions for merchants or marketers, that doesn't mean it won't also work well in eCommerce. What capabilities of this programming language can you also use in your eCommerce store, responding to the needs of your customers?

Ready-made solutions in Python - speeding up the development process

Among other programming languages, Python distinguishes itself by having a wide catalog of dedicated frameworks, libraries and other ready-made solutions. Publicly available modules allow to quickly solve any problem encountered by the developer, shortening the programming process. Curious about what tools, technologies and solutions related to this language are used - including by us - on a daily basis?

01. Django

The most popular framework written in Python, with which you can easily create both complex backend and frontend code within web applications

02. FastAPI

One of the fastest frameworks available characterized by intuitiveness, reliability and the ability to reduce about 40% of human-induced errors

03. PostgreSQL

Open, object-relational database used in web, mobile and analytical applications

04. CQRS

A pattern of separating commands and queries during the development of the application architecture, which allows to create models adapted for reading and writing

05. Celery

Distributed library to send time-consuming tasks to a queue and perform pre-scheduled operations

06. Service Bus

Proprietary data bus for integration and management of data flow between different systems


Architectural style providing a simplified way to connect components using microservices

08. Event Driven Architecture (Event Sourcing)

An architecture that uses events (e.g., changing states or updating a shopping cart) to communicate between distributed microservices

09. 2PC and Saga Pattern

Design patterns for managing data consistency in microservices

Python development - a process with expected benefits

A proven product development process is the basis for getting the expected results. Do you want to know what we will do to comprehensively take care of your project in the fastest growing programming language?

Business analysis
Technology selection
Deployment in a production environment
Maintenance and further development

Unit tests - for the greatest possible assurance of proper operation of eCommerce elements

100% project coverage with unit tests - the development tool we use is of particular importance for large and complex projects (e.g. online stores built on Magento or Shopware). It allows you to check the correctness of individual elements on an ongoing basis, which translates into the fact that the tests can catch unwanted consequences of changes in just a few seconds at an early stage of implementation. This is how you gain confidence in maintaining clean code at all times.

Benefits of unit testing with 100% coverage:

  • verification of the operation (fulfillment of certain assumptions) of specific modules and elements without running the entire application,
  • acquisition of knowledge about the operation of individual functionalities,
  • the ability to correct errors early in the design phase translating into time savings and reduced costs.

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05. What areas in Python can you support me in?

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