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Shopware 6 - Design a modern online store

Develop your online store with Shopware 6, the platform designed to meet the needs of modern B2B and B2C enterprises

Why Shopware?

01 / Scalability

Handle a wide range of products at medium to large stores

02 / API-first approach

Quick improvements and easy integration of your online store on Shopware 6 with external systems

03 / Omnichannel selling

Consistent communication and presence wherever the customer is: online store, social media, POS, marketplace.

Philips, Mars, Douglas, Haribo - do these brands sound familiar to you? Correct, such large and globally recognized brands have bet on Shopware 6. The German platform has responded to the needs of companies operating in various industries - fashion, beauty, interior, B2B Commerce or food&beverage. How has it done this? By responding to the latest eCommerce trends in terms of both market demands and the ever-increasing expectations of online shoppers.

Headless and composable commerce

The dynamic development of eCommerce, the emergence of new technologies, and the increase in competitiveness have forced the emergence of modern approaches to creating online store architecture. Shopware 6 fits into the concept of headless commerce by allowing the frontend and backend to function independently. The result? The ability to extend the store with new communication channels without having to rebuild the entire code. Flexibility is in line with customer needs, right?

API-first approach

Quick improvements and easy integration of your online store on Shopware 6 with external systems? Why not! By using an API solution that separates the frontend from the backend in accordance with the headless and composable commerce architecture, you have a high degree of flexibility to make changes or to perform extensions when needed. Such a procedure translates into faster implementation of changes and provides greater fluency in the deployment process.

Shopware 6 integration via API with:

  • payment providers (e.g. Przelewy24, PayU),
  • marketplaces (e.g. Allegro),
  • analytics,
  • external systems: CRM, PIM, marketing automation tools, email marketing (e.g. Freshmail).

Omnichannel selling

Shopware 6 allows you to be present wherever your customer is - selling not only through your online platform, but across different distribution channels.

Channels for reaching customers:

  • social media,
  • POS,
  • marketplaces (Amazon, eBay).


How to combine web and native applications in your online store? Just choose a modern technology - build your eCommerce on Shopware 6 based on Vue Storefront PWA. The ability to surf not only online but also offline, fast performance, ability to install on a mobile device are just some of the advantages. Let's also mention the lack of need to create a separate native application and automatically performed updates. The main goal? Building your competitiveness by adapting to diverse customer expectations.

Modern eCommerce on Shopware 6

Are you thinking about setting up store on Shopware 6? Find out which features of this platform will be perfect to increase your eCommerce advantage.

  • open source model: ability to make flexible changes due to open code structure,
  • API-first approach: ease of platform integration with external payment, delivery modules and other products,
  • the spirit of omnichannel: adapting to sell on different channels,
  • VUE Storefront PWA technology: guarantees that your online store will work offline,
  • SEO optimization: increase your store's online visibility with advanced tools,
  • intuitive administration panel: easy to create and edit content thanks to Shopping Worlds and Drag&Drop functionality.

From imagination to reality

Imagine that you have an online store, which meets all your requirements in terms of functionality. It allows to conduct omnichannel sales, gives advanced possibilities of optimization for SEO, is integrated with all the necessary modules and external tools.

Imagine that you own an online store that sells. It stands out by using flexible technologies (PHP Symfony, Vue.js, PWA). Responds to the latest trends on the market.

Just try to imagine that you have an online store, which you can flexibly adjust according to your needs and customers' expectations. Fast improvement, easy content editing, user-friendly interface without requiring advanced programming skills - sounds tempting, doesn't it?

Visualize it all, then choose Advox Studio - we'll make your ideas become a reality!

Why Advox?

For several years we have been offering comprehensive support to companies operating in the digital world in various industries - we implement, migrate and integrate (Salesforce, CRM, ERP and many others). Our software house team consists of over 80 talented people (including developers, testers, UX/UI Designers, Project Managers) who together take care of the success of each project. Focusing even on the smallest detail - guaranteed!

  • We understand the world of eCommerce - thanks to our extensive project experience,
  • We are up to date with the latest trends in the industry - thanks to our constantly expanded knowledge and improved competence,
  • we adjust the project to the needs of each client - thanks to the ability to use modern technologies.

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