"I'm back here, that proves something" ~ Chris, DevOps

Yep, with us every day is an adventure. The sort of adventure with a happy ending. And accidents at work? Don't worry, we have ways and tools for that, and most of all - very talented staff. Join our team and become a part of an ambitious and harmonious team. Check if you are interested in joining us.

Perfect match? Let's meet

Advox Studio was founded in 2009 by people passionate about software development, as well as good and effective IT solutions. From a group of eCommerce geeks we have developed into an experienced software house. We are principally focused on creating and developing eCommerce projects, as well as providing comprehensive support for IT projects. Our main targets are medium and large companies. Advox Studio is divided into several teams:

  • Magento/Adobe Commerce,
  • Python,
  • Symfony Framework,
  • UX/UI,
  • Front-end development (ReactJS, Angular).

In our daily work, we are also supported by the following departments:

  • marketing,
  • sales,
  • project management,
  • office management,
  • QA,
  • HR.

We already have over 80 people on our board. And we're still growing!

...but where is - the beef?

  • non-corporate work atmosphere. Yes, we know that most companies portray themselves that way. But with us, it's completely sincere! ASAPs, extended acceptance paths, vertical structure - it's just not for us. We prefer to combine trust in our employees and a relaxed atmosphere with hard work.
  • flexible work hours and work style. Owls and larks, introverts on remote mode and lovers of office coffee and air conditioning - whatever works! :)
  • Young, dynamic... Come back! This is not a corporation - we don't remind anyone their age. In our team there are both experienced specialists and beginners. We believe that only such synergy allows for satisfactory results and effective team learning.
  • fast and agile. Sprints with obstacles are our warm-up. We are constantly in Agile motion. Can you keep up?
  • results - those are the ones that matter to us. It is clear that everyone makes mistakes. Thanks to working in JIRA we will catch them quickly, correct them and go home ;)

4, 3, 2, 1... Advox!

Short and to the point. We'll talk, test your skills and let you know when you begin :)

Send us your resume - we like to start with specifics. We'll let you know as soon as possible if we're moving forward together :)
Let's talk
In the office or online. Get to know each other and tell us about your previous experience or projects, but also about what you like to do outside work :)
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It's not just work...

Healthy competition - we don't mind! This is especially evident in daily table football games, where the battle continues until the last "goal!". We guarantee that you will quickly reach a master level in this game. But foosball is just the beginning of the whole list of attractions we have prepared for you in our office...

a fully paid package that provides extensive access to a variety of physical activities.
Medical care
a fully paid basic package and the possibility to extend it for yourself and your loved ones for attractive prices.
a unique place in our office where you can relax while playing table football, ping pong, PS5 and more...
a futuristic massage chair and visits by a masseuse on Fridays guarantee a daily moment of relaxation for body and mind.
Education budget
have your eye on a valuable course or industry conference? We will be happy to help you acquire new competencies.
Psychological support
we also take care of your mental comfort. You can benefit from subsidised visits to a psychological counselling centre in complete anonymity.
in addition to company events, an integration budget awaits you and your team, which you can use to have an interesting time together.
regardless of your literary preferences, you will find a variety of genres in our library. Any titles missing? We will complete the collection!
a wide selection of snacks awaits you in the office, including sweets, fresh fruit and delicious juices available on every floor.
English classes
once a week you can meet for classes with a native speaker, during which you will improve your language skills.
outdoor work, raspberries and tomatoes straight from the bush and a shared barbecue on a summer evening. All this awaits in our garden!
Flexible working hours
do you get up early or appreciate slow mornings? At Advox, you can start work between 7 and 10 to fit your lifestyle.

"We're not that scary :)" - HR Team

Do you associate the first days of work with stress? Thinking about memorizing 80 names makes you dizzy? Breathe in and out - our team of three will help you get acclimatized. With any questions, doubts and problems just hit us!

HR Team Leader


She wraps up the whole HR mess and is there to answer any question.

HR Specialist


A professional in the right place. He will listen and help in any situation.

Junior HR Specialist


He's all over the place, if not recruiting, you'll meet him during your introduction.

All work and no play...

Healthy competition - we don't mind! This is especially evident in the daily foosball games, where the battle continues until the last "load!". We guarantee you'll quickly reach master level in this game. But foosball is just the beginning of the list of attractions that we have prepared for you in our office...

In our chill room you will also find:

  • ping-pong table
  • PS5,
  • hammock and soft pouffes.

What else awaits you in our office?

  • Friday massages and permanent access to a massage chair,
  • Backyard with garden, deck chairs, umbrellas and barbecue,
  • Free and always available parking,
  • Coffee, sweets & fruit snacks,
  • Multisport card.
Rafał Gadomski, CEO

“We wanted to create a cool and people-friendly place... And I think we succeeded“

After work, we invite you to Advox football and volleyball games. We are also happy to invest in your development, not only physical. Interested in a course or workshop? Let us know!

Advox team in action


If we don't currently have any offers for you, but you feel you should be here , write to Patrycja, our HR Department :).

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