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SLA, or Service Level Agreement, is nothing else than a contract specifying the level, time and conditions of IT services. For the client SLA is a guarantee of quality and speed of performed actions. A set of guidelines for cooperation is a document that will ensure continuous work on the improvement of eCommerce.

Why SLA?

The SLA service is beneficial for both the client and the contractor. The greatest value of its implementation is security and quick resolution of potential disputes. Service Level Agreement is always adjusted to the client's needs, however, as a standard you will find in such agreement:

  • description of the service, i.e. a clearly named object of support. Depending on your needs, it may be software, an application, a given functionality, etc.
  • minimum availability time, i.e. one of the most important SLA parameters. It is especially important in case of technical failure
  • response time, i.e. the period within which the first response to a problem reported by the client must be provided
  • time of solving the problem, i.e. the time in which we are obliged to solve a particular malfunction
  • failure reporting procedure, i.e. a list of how, step by step, the client should report a problem. The communication procedure is extremely important and must be adapted both to the needs of the client, capabilities and style of work of a company providing the service.
  • monitoring and reporting, i.e. a record that guarantees transparency of the execution of service work, as well as its results
  • consequences of breach of contract, i.e. a record of the actions to be taken in case of failure to perform the agreed actions

Why Advox?

Our experience in implementing custom solutions and integrating off-the-shelf products gives us broad insight into the world of new technologies. Our team of PM specialists is highly knowledgeable about our clients' needs and biggest concerns. In turn, our developer and DevOps teams will effectively take care of your eCommerce security with their technical expertise.

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