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With users and business in mind

The revolution in the way we approach design is over - today user friendly approach is a must. Equally important is the role of building a positive user experience. For us, UI & UX design is a process in which we focus not only on the business aspect of the product, but also (or maybe above all?) on its usability for your future customer.

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A proven and solidly worked-out design process ensures optimal implementation of the client's strategy and goals. We do not neglect the end users - we offer them not only a nice product, but also a high quality of experience that translates into easy and enjoyable use.

Step 1

Let's get to know each other. In this step, we research the market and your business. In addition, we get to know the users, their needs and experiences. We diagnose the problems they face, verify our ideas, confront business goals with the needs of end users, study the competition, trends. This is the foundation for further work.

Step 2

We have the knowledge and understand how to conduct a meticulous analysis! At this stage, on the basis of previous analysis we create persona and scenarios. Our team make decisions about functionality, according to the following criteria: musthave / shouldhave / nicetohave.

Step 3

Finally, it's time for design. In this phase we design user paths and create preliminary sketches. The resulting mock-ups are first presented in low fidelity (lo-fi), and as the work progresses and needs change - in a high level of detail, clickable, with animations and graphical elements (hi-fi). The iterative process allows for constant consultation and ongoing adjustments - until the effect that will delight you and your customers!

Step 4

Acceptance? Let's do it! After creating the final design we pass it to our developers. The implementation process is the most difficult stage, but our specialists take care of every detail and code it right down to the pixel. During this creative stage the product is constantly tested and evaluated.

Step 5

Something ends, something begins. Once the design is completed, it's time to launch the project! Despite what it may seem, it is not the end of our work. The released project deserves constant care - evaluation, user reviews, technical support and constant updates.

Why Advox?

Keeping in mind that every project is different, we don't treat our design path rigidly. We will adapt our rhythm and way of working to you! We have UX and UI designers on board with an extensive portfolio of eCommerce projects. They have considerable experience in designing and implementing mockups for clients in many different industries. Explore them!

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