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We are more than just a ping‑pong table

We are a partner in the eCommerce revolution. We guide our clients step by step through the entire process of designing and implementing advanced IT systems. And these not only work, but first of all generate profits and help to build positive experiences. So, shall we get to know each other?

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Experience, innovation, development - brief info about us

From a group of enthusiasts to a major software house with hundreds of successful projects - that is our story in a nutshell. For us, Advox Studio is a team, commitment and the belief that every problem can be solved. It simply works for us!

90 +
people on board
13 +
years of ruining the Internet
200 +
projects sent to space
cuddly bulldog

Advox has been on the market since 2009. We specialize in the creation and development of online stores on the Magento platform and the implementation of many other services, features and IT products that make your eCommerce grow and leave the competition far behind.

We implement projects for medium and large companies in many B2B and B2C industries, including fashion & beauty, paper & office, fitness, and foods.

We can move mountains
with this team!

PM team

We manage, we keep deadlines...

We make sure that the client's needs do not get lost in the lines of code


Mine is fine. Must be the fault of the net.

We translate words into code and this is how we make your dreams come true. Simple?


We check, approve...

Hand on the pulse and the critic's attitude. If it's supposed to work, let it work!


Likes, follows,
and conversions...

We make sure we're in the limelight!

HR team

We hire, we care...

Hunters of talents, keepers of secrets. We listen and take care

UX/UI team

Make the logo bigger!

The first version after all?


You will find us by our cover

Attractive? Thank you

We are excited about every new customer

Nothing more, nothing less
- the whole truth about Advox

Since 2009 we have been implementing and developing eCommerce projects. As a certified Magento agency we have grown from a team of eCommerce freaks into an experienced Software House. Over 80 people work in our offices in Poland and UK.

The history of our development is as dynamic as the eCommerce market. You don't believe in it? Check for yourself!

Advox team


Everything must have a beginning

Everything must have a beginning The waters have gone, the birth carried out painlessly, finally Advox Studio comes into the world - was the IT market ready for it? While some people in the world could use the first generation of iPhones, we as an interactive agency were first crawling, then taking our first steps in web design, web analytics and PCC advertising. Those were the days...


We mark our presence on the IT market

We mark our presence on the IT market What is a company working on the Internet without a portfolio full of completed projects and interesting case studies, right? Fortunately, our cooperation with clients ends with creating rather than burning bridges. Databases are created, pages are put up, the carousel is spinning and we hope it will not stop.

artwork in Advox office


Internet projects? This is it!

It is a well-known fact that before you act, you need to gather a team. On a voyage on a rough sea full of dynamic changes in the world of the Internet, 5 Magento developers and PHP Zend Framework designers are setting sail with us. With such a team no waves are too dangerous!

Advox during paintball integration Iza at work during design process


Almost like The Fellowship of the Ring

Our team of developers is growing by 3 new people with appropriate qualifications and skills. Now we can go to Mordor (read: conquer eCommerce)!

Advox logo Advox employees Advox integration


8-member team? Old times

We are constantly growing in strength - especially seeing the demand among clients for the projects we carry out. We already have 12 people on board: armed to teeth with professional tools and methodologies, energetic and highly motivated to work. And all this in order to fulfill all the requirements of our clients!

Sign with text - Coffee for the milord Advox T-shirt


Advox Studio? I know/heard/work there

First, bigger and more ambitious projects. Secondly, recognizable clients. Thirdly, a team that is constantly growing and improving its qualifications and skills. Where does all this come from? Thanks to the potential we have built and our efforts to create the best possible working atmosphere. Everyone would like to work with us and entrust us with their online store!

Advox presentation during Meet Magento Poland 2014 Magento Live in Germany - Group picture


We will overcome all the bugs

With 20 sabers on board, we are ready to fight the daily challenges posed by the extremely dynamic eCommerce industry! We are growing stronger, expanding our business, and constantly striving to simply be the best.

Neon Magento lamp Sign with the text - Nice to welcome you to Advox


Demographic crisis? We are not affected!

From a team of a few people to a real family of 25 - that's how Advox has changed in just 5 years. And that's not all, because more Magento children are on their way... There will certainly be plenty of projects for them to work on!

Fudge candies with Advox logo Armand and Slawosz during Magento event


We conquer new peaks

Not only mountains' peaks (literally!), but also in creating online stores on the Magento 2 platform. On top of that, for more than half a year we can boast the title of Magento Associate - and there is definitely something to it!

Advox fair stand Advox team during Magento fair


New era: Blacharska 11

We're not afraid of any changes - big or small! Magento becomes a part of Adobe, and we move to a new operations center due to the increased growth of the company (especially in terms of employees). From now on you can find us in Poznan on Blacharska 11!

Main entrance to Advox headquarters in Poznan Advox team during Windows event Birthday cake for Advox employees


Development, development, development...

There are already over 50 of us! We can't believe how fast our Advox family has grown. But a large number of employees is not everything - it's also important that we are constantly developing. Our developers are getting Magento 2 certificates one by one, becoming even better IT specialists.

Advox employee birthday party Group photo of Advox team during Magento trade show Advox socks


For the life of us, we'll never remember all those names

Phew, our HR team is almost out of breath - the demand for new employees is so high that they have their hands full. Fortunately, our tenacious recruiters never fail - and Advox is no longer 5 or 20 employees, but as many as 60! But don't worry, we will never become a corporation.

Off-road during Advox's corporate integration Paintball during Advox company integration


Pandemic doesn't scare us

Pandemic - the most important slogan of 2021? Not in our case! We are definitely dominated by a so far unused development language - Python! One would like to say that it is a real revolution in our business, right? That is exactly what happened!

Shared lunch during Advox team integration trip Honda with Advox branding Advox stand at PHPers Summit 2021


Too much to tell in a few sentences...

We are constantly getting stronger - and this is made easier by new technologies and partnerships (we started building stores on Shopware!), a well-integrated team, and more specialists gaining industry certifications. In the meantime, we release ebooks, organize webinars and participate in events, sharing valuable knowledge.

The rest of the story is just being written...
Do you want to become a part of it?

Volcano - Magento 2 eCommerce
Aleksandra Dąbrowska, E-Commerce Manager, @VCO S.A.

"Our needs and suggestions for changes in eCommerce were listened to, (...) and thanks to the experience and skills of the developers - successfully implemented."

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