Who are we?
What are we doing?

Get to know our team and why bringing us into your project is so fun and find out how enjoying and fun it is to bring us into your project.

Every project is not just a challenge, it’s a new adventure!


Scrum is our second language. We develop projects at full Sprint(s), using an Agile method to anticipate and negotiate obstacles. But we're about more than just doing things by the book.

The development world doesn't stand still and neither do we. We stay tuned with changes and follow the guidelines of the Agile manifesto, but we realise development has a rich tradition of successful alternative organisational frameworks. When a Cascade model is called for, we shift gears and modify our implementation accordingly.


Results are a top priority. When we make decisions, they are always considered within the context of your needs and challenges. We understand the importance of efficiency and cost-benefit relationship, because those factors have a direct impact on results.

When you choose us to cooperate with, it's not just a business relationship for us. It's a challenge, an adventure, and opportunity to apply our talent to engineer a new solution. That's fun for us!

We don't disappear behind curtains to do the magic, You're engaged in the process and the results as well. Thanks to JIRA and Redmine - tracking softwares we use to efficiently manage your project - you can stay informed and take part as a team member.


Deadlines, targets, benchmarks, metrics - these words can make it difficult to understand our process. That’s why we stay away from procedural buzzwords and host a fun and supportive office.

We keep the right work-life balance, within casual atmosphere.


Some of our fiercest rivalries are with ourselves – the daily table football games can become heated. If you're not already an expert player, you will be.

You will be...

We provide for our employees

massage :)

Grab a slice
of hot pizza

Time for a small beer

Socialize with the team

Training, courses and other stuff

Birthday Surprise :p


Play in the office and outside


  • 2008

    Once upon a time, when the iPhone had a headphone jack, we launched our conquest of the IT world.

  • 2009

    It's official – Advox débuts as an interactive agency. Our initial focuses are PPC advertising, web analytics, and web design.

  • 2009/2010

    We build our portfolio and expand our client database.

  • 2010/2011

    We move to Internet only projects, with our massive team of five (5) developers.

  • 2012

    Massive team increase to eight people allows us to maintain our momentum as we shift our focus to e-commerce.

  • 2013

    There are 12 of us now, armed to the teeth with professional tools & methodologies.

  • 2014

    Our portfolio demonstrates our abilities and allows us to tackle bigger and more ambitious projects. Our company continues growing!

  • 2015

    20 employees now, and we added the office massages so probably we'll have more arriving soon!

  • 2016

    Demographics crisis? Not at all. Our Advox family is now 25 strong, with more on the way!