Powerbody - get back
in shape!

Store implementation on Magento 2 platform and ERP and CRM systems integration



Special features

dedicated ERP





A bodybuilding & health website got bulked up.

Powerbody needed a new website with superior functionality that matched its brand voice. Solution: a Magento shop with 120+ custom modules, customised and synced ERP and CRM systems, and a 5+ year plan to help Powerbody better connect with their market.

Powerbody logo

Powerbody is not only retail.

We delivered custom pages suited exactly to Powerbody's needs, including numerous B2B pages localised for local languages. Our ability to anticipate their design needs and tailor bespoke solutions was critical to engineering a successful website.


  • website variants tailored to B2C and B2B markets,
  • design supporting shopping for retail and wholesale customers,
  • Increased opportunities for international expansion.

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