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Expand your online business without risky investments with the dropshipping module! Find out how to effectively increase your sales by outsourcing some of your responsibilities to third-party companies.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a strategy for selling online, which allows you to transfer some of your responsibilities to a third-party company, or middleman. What does this mean in practice? In the dropshipping model, your task as a product supplier is to store goods and deliver them to your target customers in response to orders placed by other companies. In turn, the middlemen's tasks include sales, marketing or comprehensive customer service. On the other hand, if you are the owner of an online store, thanks to the integration of your eCommerce with a dropshipping module, you can easily delegate logistical responsibilities to your partners. Dropshipping in any case allows you to safely and quickly increase your revenue, as well as your visibility in the market.

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Who can benefit from dropshipping?

Do you have an extensive product catalog or a large warehouse? Are you just about to start expanding your online business? Or maybe you have been running your online store for a long time? In any case, dropshipping is worth considering - it can prove to be an effective way to grow your business at any stage. Are you curious about who most commonly opts for dropshipping? Get to know the diverse group of entrepreneurs incorporating this way of selling into their strategy.


Online stores

Logistics companies


Small entrepreneurs

Estimated global dropshipping market will exceed $470 billion by 2026
Would you like to be part of the eCommerce community that's on the rise?

Dropshipping - why is it worth selling this way?

The first step to successful implementation of a dropshipping module is to define the goals you want to achieve. However, whether you are aiming to scale sales (both as a supplier and as an eCommerce owner), develop your brand or optimize costs, dropshipping offers many benefits for your business. Here are just some of them!

How exactly does the dropshipping process work?

Do you associate dropshipping with a complicated ordering process and waiting for shipping for days? Or maybe the contact with intermediaries in this cooperation has always seemed to you to be complicated? Learn exactly what the dropshipping sales process looks like and familiarize yourself with the standard stages of order fulfillment. And what if your business requires special solutions? No problem - we will tailor the entire process to your individual needs.

Placing an order
Sending information
Shipping the order
Complaints and returns

Case study - Boosting PowerBody's Performance by 350%

The dropshipping module for one of the largest distributors of dietary supplements is a project that we have been implementing and refining for years in collaboration with our client - PowerBody, a British company engaged in sales both domestically and internationally.

The platform has been carefully tailored to the needs of the supplement industry, which is characterised by strict regulations and guidelines regarding the sale of such products. As a result, middlemen collaborating with the wholesaler can freely offer end customers over 7000 different types of articles within the dropshipping module.

What results has the decision to expand sales with an automated dropshipping module brought? The results of our collaboration are clearly visible in the form of systematic sales growth and the increasing number of orders, which continue to rise with each passing year. See for yourself!

Dropshiping module - functionalities tailored to your own business

Dropshipping allows you to effectively scale sales of different types of products. It will work well if you offer items such as electronics, clothing, cosmetics, as well as home accessories or technology gadgets. However, we are well aware that each industry requires a unique approach to sales. That is why we will design for you a dropshipping module tailored to your offer. We will use proven functionalities, and if none of them meet the individual needs of your business - we will rewrite them.

01. Simplified payments

business partners can pay for all orders at once in the form of their choice. This makes the whole process much easier and more efficient.

02. Alternative ordering forms

a middleman can place an order in his preferred way, e.g. by uploading a CSV file with a ready-made list of products into the system.

03. Document generation

the module automatically generates various types of documents, such as invoices or receipts, based on information stored in the database.

04. Extra analytical tools

allows you to better manage the system and track activities in real time. This is crucial for process efficiency and improvement of all operations.

05. External systems compatibility

the module, with the help of API, connects with systems such as ERP or WMS, improving order processing and reducing the costs associated with it.

06. Visual identification

the system generates labels and other shipment elements aligned with the middleman's branding, ensuring a consistent shopping experience for the end customer.

Dropshipping leaves no room for unanswered questions…

01. What aspects are worth paying attention to while deciding on dropshipping?
02. Are there any limitations associated with dropshipping?
03. Are there any limitations associated with dropshipping?
04. Can I sell via dropshipping model within the platform I already own?
05. Why should you implement a dropshipping module with Advox?

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