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"The global eCommerce trend", as dropshipping is often called, is not just a fad. More and more companies are opting for this sales model as their main activity or as an additional eCommerce income.

Why choose it?

Dropshipping is a model that allows entrepreneurs to save time (no need to waste it on preparing, sending and dispatching orders) and space (no need to own a warehouse), and above all - to reach customers with a very wide range of products. All thanks to the possibility of integration with selected wholesalers.

Both from the logistics and development side - Dropshipping is a process that even for a medium-sized eCommerce, is quite easy to achieve. The implementation process in the first step requires the identification of the warehouse, the broker and the end customer, i.e. the parties that need to be connected for dropshipping to work smoothly. The second step is to define the tools to be used in the deployment. Then a properly selected team takes care of the implementation of the whole system.

Dropshipping is an eCommerce expense that pays for itself quickly. Usually, its implementation does not require much employment of additional sales staff. It is worth treating this model as upselling. At the beginning of the implementation of dropshipping you have to reckon with higher costs. As our own experience shows, even in the second year of implementation, the revenue from dropshipping significantly exceeds the costs. In the following years, this relationship only increases.

Many people working in eCommerce, not only in the dropshipping model, are afraid of rapidly changing technologies, which may displace those used by them. However, it is worth remembering that changes are inevitable, and well-written code and documentation in dropshipping are the basis, thanks to which any changes will be quick and painless.

Why Advox?

We have many years of experience in the implementation and development of eCommerce stores based on dropshipping model. We have completed projects for, among others, one of Europe's largest distributors of dietary supplements. We know how to keep the model compatible with Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, or Shopware. We employ a number of professionals who know the specifics of dropshipping inside out.

We believe that this sales model is the future that will connect brands and retailers. Do you want to create it with us?

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