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Choose a platform that adapts to the needs of your business. Explore the possibilities of Shopify that will help you unleash the full potential of your online store!

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Shopify is a platform chosen by millions of users worldwide - what makes it so popular? Its main advantage over other solutions is ease of use and the potential for quick store setup. Moreover, the platform's flexibility allows for seamless business scaling, and access to a rich array of apps and integrations makes store management easier.

So, regardless of your priorities and needs, Shopify will allow you to customise your store to your requirements. Discover the full potential of online sales with Shopify!

Shopify - one solution for diverse needs and expectations

From A to Z, or rather from idea to smoothly functioning online store - this is the scope covered by our range of Shopify-related services. We will help you achieve eCommerce success no matter where your business stands. See for yourself!

Is Shopify the right solution for every online store?

The number of entrepreneurs who have chosen to sell through Shopify is already over 4 million! From small businesses to globally recognized brands like Decathlon, Redbull, or Tesla - Shopify is a versatile engine that can be easily tailored to your needs by choosing between Shopify and Shopify Plus packages.

An online store with potential - discover the full range of Shopify's capabilities

Shopify will provide you with all the necessary tools to sell online. Each Shopify plan comes with basic features such as product management, sales tracking, payment and delivery processing, as well as marketing activities and reporting. However, if these capabilities are not enough for you, you can extend the platform's functionality through integrations with ready-made or custom solutions using the API.

650 mld $
Shopify sales revenue
10 978
transactions per minute
644 mln
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Why choose Shopify?

Flexibility, scalability, simple management - these are the characteristics that describe Shopify. Discover other key benefits of implementing Shopify that have led millions of online stores worldwide to use this system.

01. 24/7 support

Shopify provides support through various channels. Learn from a large community centred around the software or reach out to the 24/7 help center. With Shopify Plus, you'll have a dedicated account manager. Plus, our Project Managers and developers are here to support you every step of the way!

02. omnichannel approach

a well-thought-out multi-channel sales strategy is a key element of eCommerce success. With Shopify, you can not only design a responsive online store but also refine its mobile version, integrate sales on social media and marketplaces, and effectively connect online and offline sales.

03. international sales

Shopify enables effective international sales by adapting to specific countries' regulations, tax rules, and local buying habits. With MarketsPro, you can automatically convert prices to 130+ currencies, accept local payment methods, and customize content to match local preferences and languages.

04. cost-effective solution

The Shopify system is available in various subscription packages (from basic to enterprise), so whether you run a small startup or an established company, you will find the right pricing option.

05. high scalability

With Shopify you can integrate the platform with external systems and applications available in the App Store and expand store functionality with marketing tools, inventory management, or customer service.

06.attractive UX

Shopify provides a high level of user experience not only through the platform's attractive design, but also modern functionalities (e.g., using AI) that meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Shopify development - integrations that will enhance the functionality of your platform

Shopify is a tool that evolves with your business - regardless of the new challenges posed by the dynamic eCommerce market, Shopify ensures a quick response to changes - both through built-in functionalities and integration with APIs. This allows you to easily expand your store with external systems (e.g., CMS, PIM, WMS), expand the catalog of payments and deliveries, and even go beyond the platform with sales, e.g., by integrating with marketplaces such as Allegro or Amazon. This way, you'll always be one step ahead of the competition, ready for new challenges!

Automation of store management through integration with external systems
Improving customer experiences by expanding payment and delivery methods
Effective sales in multiple channels by connecting the store with marketplaces

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