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PWA (Progressive Web App) is a web application that runs just like a regular website, but allows one to create the experience of a native mobile app. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are built and enhanced with modern APIs to provide greater capabilities, reliability, and ease of installation while reaching anyone, anywhere, on any device with universal code.

Why PWA?

Progressive Web App allows you to have a native-like effect within a web application. PWA makes it possible:

  • adapt a store to the requirements of the leading browsers and smartphone operating systems
  • better access to geolocation
  • work in offline mode

From a business point of view, the advantage of PWA over other solutions is that with PWA technology, we do not waste time on creating separate applications and can focus on improving the functionalities that enhance the eCommerce experience.

What other benefits does PWA provide?

  • Reliability: fast loading and partial offline operation
  • Speed: optimized to minimize the amount of data downloaded during use of the site, allows for faster loading of subsequent pages, even with a low quality Internet connection
  • Engagement: the ability to add to home screen and receive push notifications
  • Reduced customer acquisition cost: pages in PWAs do not require installation through the App Store or Google Play, thus you avoid publishing fee
  • Better SEO results: Google promotes sites that are optimized for mobile devices in search results. PWAs allows for a more efficient use of the SEO budget
  • Lower bounce rate: Loading speed has a big impact on exit rate, so boosting page load helps you extend visits and not lose valuable traffic
  • Reduced costs of implementing mobile versions: thanks to the combination of native and web application development, it is not necessary to create separate versions of the application for Android or iOS

Why Advox?

We have experience implementing and updating PWAs for eCommerces built on the Magento platform. Depending on the chosen stack, we use one of several technologies that will influence the choice of a Javascript framework with which we will build the PWA :

  • Angular
  • Vue
  • React

We take a flexible approach to the choice of frameworks. In our portfolio, you can find implementations of Deity Falcon PWA or ScandiPWA.

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