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A framework that makes life easier

Symfony is the clear leader among PHP frameworks. It provides the best performance, flexibility and speed. From the very beginning of the framework's development Symfony has a mission to meet the needs of web developers by enabling them to create simple websites and advanced web applications in an efficient and intuitive way.

Why Symfony?

Symfony is available under an open source license. It has become popular among developers for its ability to shorten the development time. It is also attractive for business. Clients who opt for Symfony development can expect fast and cost-competitive results.


Symfony framework, thanks to its open source model, has gathered around itself a community of programmers who continuously contribute and work on the development and quality of tools to adapt a website to the needs of demanding customers.

Symfony is easy to customize to the requirements of your customers. You can also extend the functionality of your existing code with tools to enhance it. Symfony also allows you to develop your software in a number of ways, depending on whether you want to create a powerful, multi-functional application, or create a single piece of functionality within an existing project. Symfony is ideal as a framework for developing small and large web projects. In fact, Symfony is trusted by brands such as BBC, MTV and Bla Bla Car.


Symfony adapts to the fast pace of the modern world, especially in technology. This framework places a strong emphasis on speed. A number of useful features allow developers to be more productive. Fewer tasks for developers mean lower maintenance and testing costs.


Websites and applications written with Symfony are very secure and rarely fall prey to hacking attacks.

Simplicity and support

Symfony has the advantage over other frameworks of being regularly updated. The documentation of the technology is considered the most complete in the developer community. It allows for a better understanding of the code and, as a result, better performance.

Why Advox?

Advox Studio as a software house with many years of experience can be proud of many Symfony based projects. We have Symfony developers in our team who have a very high level of practical knowledge of this technology.

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