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In the virtual world, one believes in love at first sight - for a website user, it's the first seconds that count when he enters the site and sees the finished result. It is then that he evaluates the visual layer, the clarity of the site, the ease of navigation and many other elements - all in order to make a decision to stay on the store's site or leave it without making a purchase.

In a time when we buy with our eyes, what will you do to get the eCommerce perfect match with your audience and ensure a fairytale ending of the "and they lived happily ever after" series? A functional (efficient), visually appealing (matching the audience) and intuitive (easy to use) frontend is the answer to this question, and development outsourced to our company - the best complement.

The frontend is:

  • everything a user sees when entering your site,
  • one of the first encounters a store customer has with your brand,
  • customer interactions with your online store.

A functional and attractive online store frontend is one of the main factors that influence a user to want to stay on the site. When designing it, one should strive to ensure a balance between the client's business strategy and usability for the person using the site.

Online store frontend - for a positive user experience

You already know that the frontend encompasses all the elements that the user of your online store sees, and is responsible for the ability to interact with them. Surely you understand that it supports consumer decision-making, responding to the customer's habits, building trust and providing a sense of security - so important when shopping at a distance. But do you realize what features are necessary to make the user want to stay on the site for more than a few seconds and, above all, provide you with a conversion by making a purchase?
A well-functioning frontend is:

  • visually appealing (colors, graphics and animations, layout of content to graphical elements),
  • simple, clear, intuitive,
  • responsive in its mobile version,
  • fast, stable, secure,
  • providing smooth navigation
  • flexible (allowing for future expansion).

These, of course, are not all the features that the frontend should have, but they are the absolute basis for implementing more advanced changes. Designed in such a way, the graphical interface visible by the user of an online store allows him to get exactly what he needs in no time, with little effort and engagement. This is exactly the effect you would like to achieve, right?

Frontend services - our capabilities for your eCommerce

The catalog of our frontend development activities is very wide - this is how we are able to provide customization for each client. Are you keen on redesigning your online store and are looking for a talented team with knowledge of the latest trends to do so? Do you think a refresh and redesign of your existing frontend is necessary? Or maybe you want to put up a new eCommerce site and are anxious to outsource all the necessary activities to one company? Find out what we can do for you!

Frontend development - technologies and tools

We are constantly moving with the times and keeping an eye on what new technologies and frontend tools are coming into use. Thanks to the use of diverse solutions, we are able to match the best software to the needs of each client, which allows us to create projects that are polished in every way. Check out what we use in our daily work!

01. Frontend Magento

Ready-made themes dedicated to the Magento platform in order to extend and transform the appearance of the graphic interfaces of online stores. They give you the opportunity to optimize for the needs of a specific customer.

02. React.js

An open-source library that has framework-specific elements and allows you to build functional graphical interfaces for online stores. It stands out for its high flexibility, scalability and simplicity.

03. Angular

Google's open-source framework based on JavaScript. It comes with a number of useful features in the development process, such as component-based architecture, modularity and adaptation to a mobile-first approach (affecting performance).

04. Invision Studio

Software designed for designing prototypes of desktop screens and mobile online stores equipped with vector graphics, 3D modeling or layer styling tools. It gives the possibility to check in real time whether the created designs correspond to the client's vision.

05. Figma

Software that uses vector graphics capabilities to create prototypes equipped with all the elements expected by the client. It provides excellent support in designing user experience while visiting an online store.

06. Additional graphics programs

Programs that are primarily part of the Adobe suite (mainly Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD which is an alternative to Figma), which allow you to prepare materials for publication in the online store in a way that meets the expectations of each client.

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Frontend design - the art of translating design into code

Frontend development is a process in which no element can be overlooked. Check out how we work to take care of the expected end result:

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