Pre-implementation analysis

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Good preparation greatly increases the chance of your eCommerce to succeed. This is why it is becoming increasingly common for large, expensive projects to recommend a pre-implementation analysis, which can not only determine the most important requirements for implementation, but also the details of individual functionalities.

Why is it important?

The process of creating a pre-implementation analysis has a direction from general to specific. It all starts with an initial meeting, during which the project's goal, business processes and technology selection are established. The following weeks are the workshop meetings, the most crucial for this service. Observation of business processes in practice, discussions with individuals from eCommerce departments, insight into company documentation - the more information the software house gains, the more valuable the final analysis document will be for the client. And in case of continuing cooperation - the implementation of the project itself becomes faster, cheaper and more resistant to risks.

What do you benefit from the pre-implementation analysis?

  • lower risk of project failure - especially important in case of expensive projects
  • knowledge - the flow of know-how works both ways. Thanks to the implementation analysis we learn about the client's industry, and the client learns about tools and solutions for the eCommerce industry. Through the exchange of information both sides can decide on the best solutions
  • lower costs - unexpected events are expensive, therefore good preparation, collecting requirements, functionalities and writing down the sequence of necessary actions allow to choose the optimal solutions, also financially, for a given enterprise

Why Advox?

We know the eCommerce industry inside out and are constantly updating our knowledge. In our team we have specialists who also have experience on the client side, and therefore perfectly understand the full specifics and opportunities offered by pre-implementation analysis. We have realized pre-implementation workshops which resulted in extensive documents for companies with complex and dispersed structures. All our analyses to date have ended with the continuation of work and implementation of projects into reality.

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