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For ARTIM Sp. z o.o. ( we have created a modern eCommerce platform based on Magento 2, offering office accessories and tools.
Our challenge was to meet the needs of a B2B client and to apply such solutions that would bring a completely new quality to both ARTIM and the company's customers.

By creating technically advanced solutions, we took into account the role of building a positive user experience, so shopping on the portal has become even more intuitive and secure. Shortened shopping path, the ability to create a multi-level structure of users, simplified RMA processing the implementation of each functionality is the answer to the individual needs of regular and new customers of ARTIM.

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category and product page on Artim website

The new version of is a website enhanced with, among others, extended functionalities of the user's account, shopping cart and product pages, as well as a dynamic price list, promotion schemes, flexible filters or an intuitive and flexible search engine using Elasticsuite.

We did not forget about data security either!


  • implementation of B2B platform on Magento 2,
  • increase in conversion rate thanks to shortened purchase path and intuitive design,
  • shortening of the RMA path.

Attractive and functional search engine

How to help the customer get to the desired product quicker?

For we have implemented a search engine with Elasticsuite functionality which provides a set of features facilitating sales, such as category virtualization, product search optimization or extended sales panel.

Dynamic price list

Our client was seeking a solution, thanks to which each customer would be displayed with individually selected prices for all available products.

Accordingly, we introduced a dynamic price list sent to Magento 2 from ERP via a dedicated API. The system processes the price lists individually to the product, which generates a total of about 20 million price indexes updated on a regular basis.

Integration with ERP

No business can achieve large-scale sales without having this automation.

ERP system is the most important tool that integrates product and user information. The integration made it possible to execute ordering, shipping and warehousing processes within a single software. Thanks to the constant transfer of stock information to Magento, the service always displays the current quantities of goods in stock. Within one software, the integration enabled the realization of processes:

  • orders,
  • shipments,
  • warehousing.
Dorota Jakubczyk, Deputy Director of sales and marketing, @Artim

"I would like to compliment Advox on their complete professionalism, exceptional poise and responsiveness."

Transparent shopping lists

Users of the service can intuitively create their own product lists from the level of the shopping cart, product card, product category and by using a special "Add list" button. This functionality also allows to create lists by categories and purchasing preferences of individual customer departments.

Shortened RMA path

Simple and clear warranty claims are one of the key functionalities which influence positive user experience. On creating a complaint is available to all customers. The process itself is simplified and divided into two stages - selection of the document (WZ or invoice) and completion of the form. A correctly filled in claim is downloaded to the ERP system where it is handled by the Returns Department. During the process of RMA from Magento, only one email is sent regarding the creation of the complaint. The remaining messages are handled by the ERP system. Invaluable range of benefits such as:

  • clear RMA path,
  • availability for all customers,
  • only two stages of the complaint process: document selection and form filling,
  • faster complaint processing,
  • sending only one email from Magento. Handling of others by ERP system.

Marketing opportunities

Marketing activities in the B2B market are an extremely important part of business strategy. Thanks to the implementation of the Magento platform, company employees can use both Cart Price Rules and Catalog Price Rules at any time

What is more, the option to promote products and brands from HP by using dedicated banners, slider and "recommended" sections and banners placed on product category pages has been introduced. The project is also innovative in terms of the possibility to define banners per client

Selected functionalities:

  • option to promote products and brands on homepage, as well as category and product pages,
  • possibility to add dedicated banners and slider,
  • option to create a "recommended" section.
mobile category and product pages on Artim website

Analysis and conclusions

Generating reports, dedicated to users with appropriate permissions, allows to check such information as SKU, a number of purchased products, or their net and gross cost. Reports can also present the distribution of costs by MPK (Place of Costs Origin). Thanks to that the user can control expenses and manage budgets both in the whole company and in individual departments. Data analysis has never been so easy!

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