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One of the biggest challenges in the history of Advox Studio and a completely new phase in the development of our client's business.


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For our client Powerbike, we have developed a store with equipment, parts, clothes and accessories for motorcycle enthusiasts. Moreover, we implemented an additional website -

Thereby, the Client, who did not have online sales so far, entered a completely new phase of business development. Full integration of the sales platform with the ERP system allows for dynamic transfer of data about products and orders between software.

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mobile category pages of Dobre Sklepy Motocyklowe website

Implementation of store was one of the biggest and most difficult challenges in the history of our company.

Not only did we have to create a place that would attract and gain the trust of motorcyclists accustomed to stationary shopping but also offer them a completely new quality. How did we do it?


  • design a modern eCommerce,
  • integration of sales platform with ERP system,
  • implementation of multistore for other brands of the client.

Assistance programs and 5-year warranty

Assistance programs and 5 year warranty put store ahead of the competition, giving its customers a sense of security. In order to take advantage of them you need to buy a product covered by the program (in DSM store or at a partner's store) and register it within 14 days.

Registration is done through a form located in the customer panel, which includes a dynamic search engine, built in an intuitive way that will easily guide a user step by step. In addition, the form allows to register easily in both programs at the same time. The list of all registered products is visible in the individual user account.

Apart from the registration form, we have also implemented a claim form through which the user can take advantage of what the Assistance programs offer. We have also refined the way of submitting requests, which are stored in a dedicated list on the user's account. All requests are forwarded to ERP, from where they are further coordinated by BOK.

search product form on Dobre Sklepy Motocyklowe website

Functionality - product finder

Advanced product finder on displays dynamically:

  • suggested keywords,
  • products in categories,
  • visualizations and articles.

While searching for a given item, a customer, apart from the basic status: unavailable / available, also sees additional information such as custom availability and possible product variants.

Functionality - product comparison

From the customer's perspective, the product comparison engine for specialized equipment is very useful. By adding two or more items, a customer can see the technical specifications of the selected items in a clear layout.

Functionality - customized Parts Configurator module

Another functionality within the search options is the custom parts configurator module. It is a place where the customer can quickly find parts for his motorcycle. Just choose the manufacturer, brand, model, year and display the available products.

Knowledge Base has a very extensive and well-known blog. in the industry. The high quality content attracts a significant number of readers. As from now, they can not only gain unique knowledge but also display related products to the article.

Pick up and go

Our own Pickup at store module is equipped with a highly functional search engine - with a map, filters and information about stores. On top of that, it has separate pages with the list of stores for particular cities and showcases of stores. Additionally, we have implemented the feature of saving your store, thanks to which each user has quick access to details of their favourite store, as well as a simplified process of orders.

Other features include the option of ordering a product to a stationary point of sale without the cost of delivery - so that customers can verify the goods and decide whether they wish to purchase them on the spot. Another useful feature is "Check where to buy", which shows in which stationary store a given product can be bought.




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