Herlitz - a new era of
for a well-known stationery manufacturer

Store implementation based on Magento 2 and a number of custom solutions

Project scope:

Development, UX & UI design

Special features

integration with SAP





Herlitz is one of the best-known manufacturers of stationery and paper products. In the 1960s, they were the first to introduce paper products with colorful designs.

We had the pleasure to work with the brand and help them enter a new era of development.

Herlitz logo

Herlitz was founded in 1904 in Germany and entered the Polish market in 1992. As a very recognizable producer, it decided to develop and create a store on the Magento 2 platform.


  • install a template,
  • implement graphic customization,
  • implement custom landing pages.

Delivery & Payment

Another important integration, from Herlitz customers' perspective, makes the shopping process much more attractive and faster. Herlitz decided to integrate with Inpost. The module allows for the selection of parcel machines from the Inpost map, without the possibility of generating waybills or ordering a courier from within Magento platform.

We also introduced the integration and configuration with Przelewy24. If a customer of Herlitz decides to choose the "Traditional transfer" payment method, they will receive an automatic email reminder in case of non-payment.

product and category page of Herlitz store

SAP Integration

One of the reasons for Herlitz's decision to collaborate with Advox Studio was our extensive experience with SAP integration.

The scope of the integration includes:

  • sending paid orders to ERP,
  • creating customer objects in the ERP based on order data.

Elastic Suite Implementation

For Herlitz, we have implemented a powerful search engine based on Elastic Search, which in addition to being a good search engine, also provides the functionality of advanced filters and virtual categories.

Modules with promotional labels and the ability to add custom labels

The solution that automatically adds the label "Sale" to discounted products along with the calculated percentage discount for the product.

On the other hand, the custom labels module allows uploading graphic files of labels (e.g. Free shipping, Sale, Novelty), which are associated with selected options of the "Label" attribute. The attribute is added as a multiselect to each product in the store. Uploaded images are displayed in the shopping cart, mini cart and checkout.

One Step Checkout

A well-optimized checkout, the final part of the shopping process, is crucial for conversions. This is where customers make the most important decision - to buy or to abandon?

What we did for Herlitz was to install and configure the One Step Checkout module, which is the best solution from a sales standpoint because it puts all the checkout tabs in one place - from entering personal and shipping information, to selecting shipping, payment methods, summarizing and approving your order.


  • clear, friendly checkout interface that supports intuitive order placement,
  • design adapted to mobile devices,
  • shortened purchase path minimizing the risk of shopping cart abandonment.
Herlitz Magento Checkout

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