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More efficient operation of your warehouse - Warehouse Management System

A properly configured WMS is the best way to improve your warehouse processes. Better work efficiency, higher control over inventory, faster processing of orders placed in a store on Magento or Shopware? Why not!

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WMS for eCommerce - from receipt of goods to shipment to the customer

Attractive offer, eye-catching design, intuitive navigation, functional one-step-checkout... Nowadays, an online store has to meet numerous requirements (including, in particular, UX) in order to not only gain, but, above all, keep a customer. An area that should not be underestimated in the case of eCommerce is logistics - which includes order fulfillment processes. How can this area of operation be improved? A Warehouse Management System will undoubtedly turn out to be a significant help. Why should you bet on it in your eCommerce built on Magento or Shopware?

Key benefits of WMS implementation:

  • higher employee productivity,
  • minimizing the number of mistakes made,
  • optimizing the use of available floor.

When is it worth implementing a WMS?

When is a good time to bet on implementing a warehouse system in your eCommerce business? This question can be answered by looking at it from two perspectives. On the one hand, such a need is generated by the numerous errors that occur, the minimization of which is essential so that customers do not give up shopping in the store. The desire to achieve better results, especially in terms of productivity and speed of work, as well as reducing costs, is the second perspective.
So in what situations is it worth considering whether a storage system is a good solution?

erroneous inventories

low productivity of employees

mistakes in order picking and shipping

suboptimal use of floor

problems in handling returns and complaints

WMS - basic functionssupporting warehouse operations

What WMS capabilities help solve warehouse logistics challenges in the eCommerce world? The secret of this modern system lies in the numerous functionalities that allow you to fully manage the order fulfillment process and optimize daily work. The most important of these should be considered:

  • receiving and issuing products,
  • creation of barcode labels,
  • keeping records by storage location,
  • optimization of the goods collection path (acceleration of input-output operations),
  • floor management,
  • inventory management,
  • exercising control over stock levels,
  • stocktaking,
  • multi-warehouse management.

You already know the basic functions - and this is just the beginning of the possibilities that characterize this advanced system for streamlining the daily operations carried out in the warehouse. Curious about how they can work for your eCommerce built on Magento or Shopware?

If you want all processes in your warehouse to run quickly and efficiently, start by implementing a WMS tailored to your eCommerce needs.

WMS implementation in an online store - what will it bring you?

You already know perfectly well in which situations it is worthwhile to decide to implement a warehouse system, but do you realize what benefits integration can bring to your eCommerce? You will see positive effects both in the short and long term. What's more, you will discover them not only for you as a manager of an eCommerce built on Magento or Shopwarer, but also for the end user of your products. Surely, after all, you care about clear information about product availability, efficient order fulfillment and error-free processes that facilitate customer retention, right?

Check out if implementing a WMS will bring the following benefits to your eCommerce store as well!

01. More efficient order processing

Optimizing the product collection path allows the order to be completed and shipped to the customer in less time than before, positively impacting both process efficiency and the buying experience of the recipients

02. Minimize the number of mistakes made

Shipping the wrong product to a customer? Confusing two orders with each other? Purchasing an item that is not physically on the shelf? The right system will protect you from these types of situations, which negatively affect the functioning of your eCommerce

03. Optimization of space utilization

A WMS provides a way not only to streamline daily operations, but also to ensure the best possible distribution of available goods on shelves. The consequence? Proper use of floor, and thus - avoiding unnecessary costs and financial losses

04. Constant control of inventory

Forget about erroneous information about the availability of products that are not actually in stock - the system will make sure that the goods in stock are replenished on a regular basis, protecting you from customer dissatisfaction with the lack of ordered products and prolonged waiting for delivery

05. Lower warehouse management costs

With a more efficient warehouse, you can count on fewer returns and complaints, no need to hire additional staff or expand space, and thus - lower costs and the ability to reallocate resources to other areas

06. Better work performance

Faster order processing, more efficient implementation of new employees, relieving an employee from performing more difficult tasks - these are just some of the effects that significantly increase the efficiency of daily warehouse operations that you will see after implementing a WMS system

WMS + Advox - implementations and integrations to suit your needs

You already know that using a WMS in an online store simply pays off - both for a more efficient warehouse operation and a better shopping experience for your customer. So it's time for you to take the next step and learn how the integration of this system with the sales platform (Magento or Shopware) is carried out. Check out the steps we take to ensure our customers get the results they want!

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