Marketplace - a challenge that pays off

Marketplace platforms are an increasingly popular solution on the eCommerce market. So what is this sales instrument and why is it profitable to implement your own marketplace?

Why marketplace?

Marketplaces, or eCommerce platforms where products and services are provided by third parties, have conquered the B2C and B2B markets. This solution is attractive to customers, providing them with, among other things:

  • broad access to products and services
  • competitive prices
  • security of purchases - from product quality through payment security

Your perspective is just as interesting. Implementing a marketplace will allow you to:

  • reduce business risk, storage costs, and any paperwork
  • added value to your main source of income
  • access to a large amount of data on customer behavior or current trends

Why Advox?

If you are thinking about implementing your own B2C or B2B marketplace to suit your eCommerce you have come to the right place. We have extensive experience in implementing systems for medium and large eCommerce.

The basis of our work is to develop the architecture of your marketplace, choosing the appropriate and effective technological tools. Moreover, we design for the future - we monitor dynamic changes on the eCommerce market and select technology to adapt to them.

We pay great attention to UX & UI design. In our team we have people who specialize in marketplace design. With attention to current trends, psychology of consumer behavior and universal principles, they prepare designs of product cards or checkouts. Their work makes the purchase path clear, friendly and purchase-friendly from the customer's perspective.

Our experience in implementing various types of sales platforms allows us to efficiently implement marketplaces with thousands of products. Our projects are built on the Magento platform, chosen by such eCommerce giants as Nike, Olympus, and SEAT.

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