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Nike, Castorama, Olympus, Samsung - have you ever visited the website of these international giants? Have you appreciated the loading speed, the layered navigation, and the extensive functionalities of their online stores? Have you found the necessary information without any problems due to the well-thought-out structure? Have you had anything to complain about during the purchasing process? Yes, you have been on Magento websites. And the elements listed above are just a part of the customer experience - as an eCommerce owner, you can get even more out of this platform.

Why do companies implement Adobe Commerce (Magento)?

  • extensive functionalities, modules and extensions,
  • capacity to handle very high traffic,
  • scalability and multi-store functionality.

Why Advox is a right choice for your eCommerce?

eCommerce 360

We provide comprehensive support at every stage for the developed platforms. Within each project our specialists select the best solution and architecture based on the individual needs of the client.

Adobe Partner

Advox has been named an Adobe Bronze Solution Partner. This is a confirmation of our experience gained in successfully completed projects of our clients, as well as certifications obtained by our specialists.


We respond to the most unusual and unique project needs of B2C and B2B clients through the experience of our developers and the availability of expert Project Managers all throughout the project.

Unlimited potential of Magento 2 - development of your online store

We know exactly what you care about when considering the implementation of your eCommerce. You need your online store to:

  • have editable product attributes,
  • be distinguished by flexible filters,
  • have the option to post reviews,
  • divide customer groups and user roles,
  • give you a chance to put a product on your wishlist,
  • have mechanisms of promotions and discount coupons (in accordance with the fixed rules),
  • be optimized for loading speed,
  • be designed with SEO in mind,
  • be fully integratable with external systems,
  • provide your customer with omnichannel experience,
  • offer multi-store functionality.

You already know that the platform is not afraid of either the requirements of the dynamically changing eCommerce market (and virtual customers) or the needs of online store owners. Would you be interested to verify it on your own business - with our help?

We are a Certified Magento Partner (Adobe Bronze Solution Partner)

Implementing online stores - just a few steps

Surely, you are curious about how we work and how we are going to take care of your project. Our production process consists of a few steps:

The first move is up to you - let us discover your needs, expectations and requirements
Pre-implementation analysis
The ball is in our court - we will check what functionalities will work in your eCommerce
Time for some details - we will show you the cost of optimal implementation solutions for your business
Determining the conditions
Negotiation stage - so that both parties are enthusiastic about the work
Signing of the contract
Signature on the left, signature on the right - this is how a success-driven cooperation begins
Implementation process
MVP, graphics, functionalities, modules, integrations - the job is in our hands
The project is delivered - the store is starting to sell. Let's talk about further development of your eCommerce?
Bart Ratus, General Manager
@Power Body Nutrition Ltd
"ADVOX migrated the whole system to Magento. The migration took well over a year. In the meantime, ADVOX redesigned a website for us that runs on Magento. Regarding our wholesale business, which has been our aim since hiring ADVOX, we have doubled the turnover every year."

Ready2go modules - to enhance your eCommerce

Our modules + our experience = Success of your eCommerce

01 / B2B Counterparties

Expanded possibilities of creating B2B customer accounts (division into individuals and companies), supporting the everyday operation of an online store

02 / B2B Shopping Lists

Improvement in recurring purchases, perceived positively by B2B customers

03 / B2B Bidding

Functionality for logged-in customers to submit requests for proposals from the level of client groups and contractors and send them to the client support service

04 / Elastic Search

Extensive real-time search capabilities for the information you need (including filtering according to specific guidelines)

05 / Omnichannel

Expansion of platform capabilities to include Click&Collect ordering, in-store reservations, and checking product availability on-site

06 / Dropshipping

RExtending the capabilities of an online store to include dropshipping sales - by creating a network of distributors who place orders manually (importing orders from a file) or automatically (using the API)

Magento + PWA for Mobile Friendly eCommerce

Progressive Web App is a modern and functional combination of web and native mobile app features.

Design your online store on Adobe Commerce with PWA technology and enjoy the flexibility this solution provides you. The use of API-first in the construction of PWA allows you to freely exchange individual elements of the web platform, ensuring constant adaptation to changing business needs.

Solutions we are using:

  • ScandiPWA,
  • PWAstudio,
  • React.js
  • Vue.js
01. Offline mode

Offline browsing capability gives customers constant access to your online store

02. Responsiveness

You don't have to worry about adapting to different operating systems - PWA provides you with the same website design on different devices

03. Fast loading speed and high reactivity

Such features, which provide customers with a better user experience, influence a lower bounce rate, which is the goal of any eCommerce

04. Better SEO results

Adapting to mobile devices is now very positively received by Google search

05. Push notifications

Like in app - for constant contact with users visiting your online store

06. Quick access

Downloading from Google Play or Apple Store? No need - just add the app to your home screen

And when you need simple answers to important questions…

01. Why is Advox a right choice in my case?

For over 10 years we have been designing polish and foreign eCommerce stores based on Magento 2 Open Source and Adobe Commerce. We have certified developers and Project Managers on board. We use technologically advanced solutions that bring a whole new quality to B2B and B2C businesses. Magento implementations have no secrets from us.

02. Will Advox be able to address my needs?

Our possibilities are unlimited - if we cannot find the module or functionality you need (from a database of over 5000 solutions), we will create it for you. In our everyday work, we use diversified technologies, thanks to which while implementing eCommerce we respond to any business needs. What is more, we work in project teams by the Agile methodology, providing excellent care for your store.

03. Why Magento is the best eCommerce platform?

Magento is characteristic for its adaptation to the requirements of modern online stores. It is used by global eCommerce giants who need to operate very high traffic efficiently. Owned by Adobe, it is supported by a wide range of Magento experts around the world.

04. Which version of Magento should I use?

You can choose between 2 versions - free Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce with a paid license. The Open Source version provides access to less functionality, but with the help of a developer, it can be further expanded. What is important, there is no fixed cost associated with the use of the platform. The paid version - Adobe Commerce - is characterized by greater possibilities in terms of functionality. However, we have to take into account the license fee and the possible costs of further development - if the desired functionality is not in the standard. The choice is not easy - in the Magento Open Source version there are costs of additional development on a larger scale, in Adobe Commerce on the other hand there are costs of license and development of additional functionality. It is worth running detailed research to analyze which of the available options will be more cost-effective for us.

05. What does the future hold for Magento? Can I safely opt for this platform?

Magento has been supported by the global giant Adobe since 2018, which focuses on the development of the paid product Adobe Commerce. What's more, it gathers a group of specialists numbering in millions to provide support for those using the free Magento Open Source license. It can be concluded that the platform is in good hands and you can safely opt for it - especially since both the free and the paid version will receive security patches and fixes for critical bugs.

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