Sales on a large scale

Without automation, no company can achieve large-scale sales. ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is the most important source that integrates product and user information. This software helps to manage, support processes and business decisions. Necessary for companies with complex, dispersed structures, and very useful for all those who know that well arranged processes are the key factor determining competitive advantage..

Why ERP?

ERP implementation creates a positive perception among employees at all levels. It improves the efficiency of their work, streamlines daily tasks. A common database that integrates information across the enterprise is a communicative necessity that eliminates large errors and smaller inaccuracies. What else does ERP offer?

For business

  • lower labour costs
  • increased work efficiency
  • full control and better organization of processes
  • easy access to up-to-date product and user database
  • reduced number of errors and wrong business decisions

For logistics

  • lower distribution costs
  • control over inventory levels
  • faster picking of goods
  • greater punctuality of deliveries
  • faster order processing
  • lower storage costs
  • more efficient use of warehouse space

For customer service

  • faster order processing
  • easier forecasting of customer needs
  • increased number of regular customers
  • improved sales levels

For finance

  • faster financial analysis processes
  • easier reporting
  • automation of accounting processes
  • effective data consolidation

Why Advox?

Our portfolio includes numerous integrations of SAP ERP, one of the most popular business management systems in the world. We have helped many eCommerce companies to eliminate such problems as multiple data entries or errors in internal communication. We have created solutions which make creating reports with complex data structure intuitive, and changes in the structure or processes of the organization - effective. When implementing a given integration, we always think ahead. SAP ERP is flexible and thanks to its modular architecture will grow with your business.

We also have experience in integrating other ERPs, including Subiekt GT and Comarch Optima.

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