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Do you have a very wide assortment of products and notice that manual corrections (in their descriptions, photos, technical documentation, etc.) take up a good part of your employees' working day? Information about your products is scattered in many places, which sometimes causes difficulties in finding all of them and putting them together? Are you selling through several different channels (online store, social media, mobile app, printed catalogs), and the need to adjust how product information is presented only translates into more and more data chaos? Fortunately, there is a solution to solve all these problems - a Product Information Management system (PIM).

What possibilities will PIM provide you with?

  • gathering all the data in one place,
  • granting access to information to any authorized person,
  • integration with the sales channels you use.
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PIM - a central database of your online store

The ever-increasing number of stock-keeping units (SKUs), diversified sales channels, or a product offering characterized by numerous variables can sometimes become the nightmare of an online store. Of course, this kind of business development (in terms of products and related data, including prices, labels, graphics, or descriptions) is positively perceived by both customers and owners, but it also has another side. This is because such a situation increases the risk that, through inattention or an error due to manual data entry, a customer will receive incorrect or inconsistent information in the chosen sales channel.

With help at such a time comes the PIM system, which allows us to centralize product data, update it and send it in the right form to each of our sales channels. Fast, convenient, and simple - thanks to the automation provided by this technological solution!

What data does the PIM system collect?

  • names, titles, descriptions, product codes,
  • classification: labels and categories,
  • technical specifications,
  • graphics and videos related to the product,
  • prices,
  • customer reviews,
  • translations,
  • additional product-specific information.

Does such optimization sound tempt to you?

In sales, which is based on building a good Customer Experience, an effective help will be PIM, which will take care of always up-to-date and consistent product information

PIM implementation - when should you go for it?

There is no single answer to the question "is PIM for everyone?" - because it all depends on the type of business, development plans, current costs of managing the product base, and many other factors. However, it is possible to mention a few entities at specific moments in the development of eCommerce business, which can significantly improve their product information management processes. For whom will PIM definitely work?

  • medium and large online stores with extensive product offerings,
  • customers with big growth plans for their eCommerce,
  • companies that plan to expand abroad,
  • entities using numerous sales channels (both online and offline) ,
  • organizations that care about the maximum improvement of the processes taking place,
  • eCommerce with products that require frequent description updates.

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What can a PIM implementation bring to an online store?

It's time to move on to the most important issue of interest to any store owner or eCommerce specialist - the benefits that implementing such a system will bring to your eCommerce. It should definitely be said that their catalog is open, and the achievement depends on the type of business, industry, or the number of processes taking place. However, it is possible to list a few effects that you will observe in your online store. Will you test, whether in yours too?

01. Process optimization

Gathering all product information in one place (a database to which all authorized persons have access) makes managing it significantly easier. What's more, PIM systems can be very easily integrated with the sales platform in use, as well as ERP, CMS, or CRM

02. Reduced time-to-market

A smooth and efficient product launch process (due to the ability to share product information at once across all sales channels) allows you to stay ahead of the competition or increase your product range in a short period of time, providing support in a short product life cycle situation

03. Refined product information

Consistency and detail in all product cards (in terms of descriptions, graphics, reviews, etc.) help to improve the shopping experience of customers in your online store, reducing the risk of cart abandonment. Moreover, it has a positive effect on the positioning of your site

04. Optimize distribution in every sales channel

Providing the same product information in each sales channel through the use of a single database guarantees correctness and fit with the form of the communication, according to the omnichannel concept

05. Saving time

Reducing unnecessary work for the team through partial automation provides the opportunity to reallocate time resources to, for example, expanding the assortment or improving products

06. Cost reduction

Reducing the number of complaints and returns (by making the same, relevant information available in each channel) can lower eCommerce costs and, in the process, resulting in a more positive corporate image

PimCore - a system that will allow you to do more

Have we convinced you that PIM is the perfect solution for your online store? If so, you are now surely wondering which solution you should opt for among the available options on the market - and we have a ready answer to such an unasked question, too! Our recommendation: PimCore. Curious why?

01/System open-source

PimCore means zero cost per license - that certainly encourages you to use this solution, doesn't it?

02/Large community

PimCore is used by more than 80,000 companies worldwide. It has gathered a large community around it, which is responsible for the development of the product, available in an open-source model


PimCore meets your business development needs by accepting unlimited product and digital data

04/Combining the functions of different systems

PimCore is not only PIM, but also DAM, DXP, MDM, and CDP, which eliminates the need for some integrations.

05/Ease of data integration

Thanks to the "connect anything" architecture, PimCore easily integrates an unlimited amount of data (regardless of the file format), and thanks to the API - with external systems (CRM, ERP, among others).


PimCore allows the data structure to be tailored to the needs of a specific business

Because it's better to ask in advance than to wonder...

01. What is a PIM system?
02. Why implement PIM in an online store?
03. In what situation will PIM work?
04. Is it worth investing in PIM systems with a narrow product mix?
05. How does the PIM system work?
06. What is the difference between PIM and PimCore?

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