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Strapi CMS is a tool that is responsible not only for flexible content management. It also enables the creation of websites from scratch, which translates into saving time and resources. Whether you need a branding page, an eCommerce platform with a rich product offering, or a small online store - all these projects (and many more) can be realised for you using Strapi!

Experience proven with sucessful projects

Strapi CMS is a content management system based on a headless architecture and JavaScript language. It is becoming increasingly popular globally, serving as an alternative to well-known systems such as WordPress, Drupal, or It is already used by more than 40,000 online platforms. Find out what makes this tool an attractive choice not only for entrepreneurs, but also for developers. Discover the benefits of implementing Strapi CMS in your online store now!

Firstly - what sets Strapi CMS apart?

Scaling operations or seeking new paths of development are inevitable challenges accompanying entrepreneurs. When it comes to managing online content, it often turns out that SaaS solutions (with closed-source code) may limit the flexibility to adapt to changing user needs. On the other hand, more customised tools may prove to be unreachable due to high costs and long implementation times.

Strapi, as an open-source system, provides an excellent alternative, offering capabilities that go beyond the traditional CMS frameworks. Find out what else sets Strapi apart!

Efficient platform creation

a rich range of ready-made modules and tools (which can be freely modified) enables the creation of scalable and efficient platforms, significantly reducing project time and costs. This allows for quicker response to market needs and offering users innovative solutions tailored to their requirements.

Flexible content approach

Strapi presents a modern approach to content management, allowing for more efficient implementation, customization for different audience groups, and easy distribution across various sales channels, enabling smooth store management right after deployment.

Open-source solution

regardless of the scale of your project, communication channels used, or the industry you operate in, Strapi adapts to your requirements. Thanks to its flexibility, the system can be used for various purposes, from simple informational websites to advanced eCommerce platforms or content management systems.

Strapi CMS benefits - a new level of content management

A modular structure that provides simple operation and an open source code that allows customization to the specifics of any project - these are just a quick illustration of the features of Strapi CMS, distinguishing it from other similar systems. This tool is more than a traditional Content Management System. It is flexible and efficiently adapts to the modern requirements of online stores, offering extensive customization possibilities.

As a result, Strapi CMS effectively optimizes not only the time, but also the resources needed to implement and update your content. Check out what other benefits this system offers!

01. Simplicity

An intuitive drag-and-drop interface (on the developer's side) and clear documentation make Strapi management exceptionally easy. This allows even users without specialised technical knowledge to manage the content of an online store effortlessly.

02. Resources optimization

The flexibility of this CMS allows you to customise features to meet your specific needs, eliminating the need to invest in unnecessary extensions. In addition, the simple process allows you to quickly customise content without the need for specialists.

03. Security

Separation of the backend and frontend layers significantly enhances the platform's security level. Additional protection comes from storing data internally on the company's server, minimising the risk of unauthorised access.

04. Crossborder friendly

Strapi enables not only content translation but also customization of tone and message type to meet the needs of audiences in different countries. This is crucial for online stores operating in the international market, following the crossborder trend.

05. Scalability

Strapi is suitable for both small platforms and complex e-stores. With the ability to make custom code changes and integrate with external plugins, the system easily adapts to increasing traffic levels without unnecessary downtime.

06.User Experience

A rich set of ready-made components and the ability to create custom designs allow the composition of a unique and user-friendly interface. This undoubtedly contributes to improving the customer experience in the online store.

Strapi CMS - infinite content management potential for your online business

Is the process of implementing content on your platform time-consuming, involving the work of multiple teams (from programmers to marketing)? Wondering how to make this stage faster? Would you like to use saved resources to better scale your business or even expand operations into new markets?

In that case, a CMS system like Strapi is the solution for you! Regardless of the industry or size of the business, Strapi offers tools for effectively adapting content to the unique requirements of every online enterprise. Check out what types of content you can apply Strapi to!

Brand pages

Virtual product catalogues

Extensive landing pages

Personalised solutions

Mobile applications

More than CMS - technologies that extend Strapi's capabilities

Strapi CMS is an open-source system, allowing easy integration with various technologies. Primarily, Strapi works seamlessly with popular frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue.js. These integrations enable dynamic content presentation on different devices and interaction with the Strapi API, resulting in a more responsive and user-friendly platform.

Furthermore, Strapi CMS supports a range of other technologies, including multiple database support and integration with monitoring and data analysis tools. This versatility makes Strapi an ideal solution for projects with diverse needs.

Wondering which technology stack to choose for the best results with Strapi? Explore our technological stack, and we will strive to meet your expectations!

How does Strapi CMS work in practice?

In the era of dynamic development of online stores, flexibility becomes a key factor for success - the ability to quickly adapt to new trends and adopt new technologies. Strapi CMS stands out with significant capabilities in this context. What exactly makes Strapi a future-proof solution?

How did we create a branding page for a supplement brand using Strapi CMS?

A fully functional and aesthetic branding page for a new brand in the supplement industry created from scratch in about 100 programming hours? We achieved this result by utilizing Strapi CMS in one of our projects. We started working on the page by creating custom sections tailored to the brand's representational needs (e.g., product page, "about us" section, customer reviews).

Each section was designed to be easily modifiable and fillable with diverse content, such as text, graphics, or pre-prepared content blocks within the Strapi collection. Additionally, we integrated Strapi CMS with GraphQL, enabling faster and more efficient data retrieval and processing.

The site was developed in four language versions - Polish, English, German, and French. Each version is flexible and can be easily adapted and expanded in the future to meet the changing needs of both domestic and international markets.

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