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1500 hours of work and stunning effect of new design and many custom integrations


UX/UI design, Development

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multi-website functionality





Authenticity, sincerity and positive energy - Authenticity, sincerity and positive energy - these are only some of the values followed by our client, Volcano, with whom we had the pleasure to work recently.

Completely refreshed website design, custom integrations and scripts are just a small part of what our team of 9 specialists and developers spent over 1500 hours on. Thanks to our work on the online store and the implementation of new language packs, the Volcano brand will soon be able to take the European markets by storm.

Volcano logo
desktop and mobile product page on Volcano store

Volcano - Beyond one platform. For the purpose of Volcano development, we used a very practical Magento functionality, which is the ability to create a multi-website. It enables our client to operate several stores within one Magento installation and one administration panel. The advantage of this solution is an easier expansion, which is associated with multiple language versions or the use of several different base currencies.

Multiwebsite gives a great potential for development - it provides the possibility to create many domains and product catalogs. By allowing the client to control and operate their stores from a single location - it allows them also to maintain convenience.


  • quick and intuitive operation of several websites,
  • adaptation of the store to the expectations of foreign customers,
  • efficient logistics service thanks to easy product management.

Style and elegance at your fingertips

Attractive design, especially in the fashion industry, is a must have. However, by "attractive" we mean much more than eye-catching graphic design. While refreshing the layout of the website we had in mind above all building a positive user experience.

The designed website is easy to navigate, e.g. thanks to improved product filtering functionality. From now on the user will find his/her dream item faster, without having to click through the products of inappropriate size, price range or collection.

Redesigned and attractive loyalty program

Loyalty programs are an integral part of eCommerce today. Thanks to them companies distinguish the most engaged customers. For Volcano, we have developed a point-based loyalty program for customers. Now, from each order, 5% of the amount is transferred to the customer's individual account. When placing an order, at the "Summary and payment" stage, one needs to enter the selected amount in the appropriate field and click "Apply". The system will suggest how much PLN is on the account of the user. The balance of one's account can also be checked in the Loyalty Program History in the "My Account" tab.

Joining the Volcano Loyalty Program is also very simple and quick - from the user's perspective - all it takes is registering an account.

Cooperation with the client

Cooperation with the client was based on high trust and a fast flow of knowledge.

The UX/UI design we created required a great deal of insight into the characteristics of Volcano's clients and learning about their expectations. Thanks to constant contact with the company's employees, we managed to implement a design that is not only tailored to the needs of the store's users, but also meets the business needs of the client.

Aleksandra Dąbrowska, e-Commerce Manager, @Volcano

"Our needs and suggestions for changes in eCommerce were listened to, confronted with the technical capabilities of the Magento platform, and, thanks to the experience and skills of the developers, successfully implemented."

Custom integrations and Opineo script

While designing and refreshing eCommerce platforms we always care about an individual approach to a client. For Volcano we developed our own module - a custom integration with the logistics operator InPost. Moreover, we implemented Opineo script. After each purchase, the client receives an e-mail with a request to evaluate the product and the Volcano store.

We also took care of the customization of the address and billing forms on the checkout page.

Marketing opportunities

Sales and marketing must go hand in hand to generate the highest possible profit. While implementing the refreshed eCommerce platform for Volcano, we focused on such aspects as displaying in the listing the value of a discount on a product and graphic exposition of important categories in the sales context - New Collection and Outlet. Moreover, we completely refreshed the company blog. Now it not only brings traffic to the site effectively, but is also an attractive sales platform for the user. Apart from reading fashion tips, the user can go directly from the article to the products mentioned in the text.

Permanent control over the store

By using New Relic software, developers and managers are able to continuously monitor the performance of the site for speed and elements requiring optimization.

New Relic also allows detecting recurring errors that arise as a result of site usage. This solution provides customers with the confidence that the site is under the constant control of specialists, and spontaneously appearing errors will be quickly detected and removed.

Our goals:

  • significant improvement in the quality of website operation,
  • reduction of the number of errors,
  • quicker detection and repair of defects.




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