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Setting up a functional showcase website for a new brand in the competitive food supplement industry


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We designed from scratch an informative brand website for our client - OSAVI, operating in the food supplements industry. In order to build competitiveness on the dynamically growing market, we implemented a number of dedicated modules, increasing informative character of the portal. We also provided redirections to shopping platforms (Allegro, Ceneo, among others), where it is possible to purchase the client's products.

Just 2 months of work, and the result? Exceeding all expectations!

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One of the basic assumptions while working on the site was to use PWA technology, allowing to use the company's showcase website both online and offline. For this purpose, we worked on ScandiPWA template.


  • PWA design,
  • redirection to external trading platforms,
  • implementation of dedicated modules fulfilling the information purpose.

Dedicated solutions for an aware customer

The informative and perceptive purpose of the portal was fulfilled by such elements as:

Detailed product cards

To distinguish the OSAVI brand on the market, we prepared complex product cards, which are to provide a customer with all necessary information. For this purpose, we implemented on the website differentiated sections that allow to get acquainted with the product in a way suitable for the user. From the module equipped with icons indicating the basic operation of the given supplement, through redirections to the sites where the product can be purchased (Ceneo, Allegro, and others) and tips developing the content, to the table that provides a summary of the composition and nutritional value of the supplement, which allows their manual calculation. All these elements are meant to provide the necessary knowledge before deciding to buy.

Additional features in the product cards

Thanks to icons placed in the product card it is possible to be redirected to the appropriate filter in the catalog. Clicking on a particular icon takes you to a page with filtered other food supplements that help achieve the same health goals, which gives you the possibility of a comprehensive comparison of the offer.

Additionally, each product comes with the packaging and label images, which is unusual among other manufacturers. All you have to do is hover over the product image to learn about the composition and nutritional values. You can also hover over the label and a magnifying glass will appear to make the information easier to read.

As part of the work we have performed, we have attached a slider from Instagram to the feedback module, making it possible to read customers' opinions on products not only through the website but also by redirecting to reviewers' profiles on Instagram.

Certificate Finder

Our client wanted to provide the recipient with the best possible knowledge about the food supplements offered. For this reason, we implemented a solution, which is a search engine for certificates of analysis. It is enough to enter the serial number on the packaging of a given supplement to receive the results of tests that have been conducted on that product. Below the search engine, we have placed a photo hint, making it easier to find the serial number on the product.

Ultimately, each product card will be equipped with a list of certificates, which is intended to boost credibility also among those customers who do not have a package with a verifiable serial number.

Advanced filtering capabilities

The home page is provided with the option to filter within four indications:

  • form of supplementation (spray, jelly, capsules),
  • categories (vitamins, complexes, fatty acids, minerals),
  • product lines (Vital, Advanced, Nature),
  • Your goal.

On the product sub-page, on the other hand, we have implemented more advanced filters, making it significantly easier for the user to find the product best suited to their needs. Filtering is done not only by category, a form of supplementation, and purpose but also by product line, specificity, health claims, and taste.

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