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Scope of work:

PWA Development, Backend & Frontend Development

Special Features:

UX design, PWA


Interior design

year of implementation:


Domeno is one of the leading players in the interior design industry, focusing on providing high-quality bathroom and kitchen equipment products. The goal of our collaboration was to design and implement a modern sales platform aimed at individual customers. Months of intensive work resulted in the creation of a space that provides a unique shopping experience for consumers, as well as supports the brand's branding efforts. Where did our adventure with the project begin?

We opted for a comprehensive solution, basing the operation of the platform on the Magento open source engine. We designed a custom design for the store, allowing customers to make decisions quickly and efficiently in accordance with their own vision. In addition, in order to streamline the ordering process and the daily management of the platform, we created an architecture that allows integration with multiple external systems. This resulted in a complex system, linking together as many as two ERP systems, two PIM systems (Pimcore connected to the customer's internal system), a WMS and SAP. Each of them communicates with each other via an API, ensuring the ongoing flow of data and stable operation of the store.

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  • Develop custom design
  • Provide an exceptional shopping experience for consumers
  • Integrate with external systems within the current architecture

A dream bathroom at the click of a button - an arrangement module

Decorating a home is a complicated and involving process - it requires both the right idea, preparation and selection of individual details that make up the entire interior. In response to the needs of end customers, we have created a bathroom arrangement module. With it, it is possible to complete all the necessary elements based on a ready-made bathroom arrangement, in just a few clicks. How did we achieve such an effect?

As part of the functionality, customers can take advantage of more than 100 available arrangements and choose their preferred proposal thanks to an extensive filtering function. Each arrangement is visualized from different perspectives, allowing a better view of the target look of the bathroom. In addition, after interacting with the objects in the photos, customers can take a closer look at the individual elements.

But what if the customer wants to personalize the design even further by listing individual elements? When creating arrangements, the administrator can group products into two categories - required and non-required items. Based on this, the buyer, if necessary, is able to abandon selected items or swap them for others (as suggested on the site). Such flexibility positively influences the end customer's shopping experience, while at the same time allowing the online store owner to promote specific products in the arrangements.

With full confidence in the best decision - an improved shopping cart

When making interior design decisions, it is often necessary to consult others. To this end, we have improved the basic version of the shopping cart, making it possible to share it with another person. How. The user can copy the order with a dedicated button and send the generated link to the selected person, even if the latter does not have an account in the online store. The addressee will gain the ability to view the contents of the shopping cart and make modifications, which can also be shared in the same way.

Sometimes customers decide to talk to a store representative in order to get expert advice and make purchasing decisions on this basis. In this case, the consultant can also compose the shopping cart himself and make it available via email. In addition, each shopping cart has been equipped with a unique ID number, which allows its identification and possible editing of its contents by the manager.

Optimize the order shipping process - to maximize the delivery and returns process offers a variety of products, both in terms of application and size. A wide selection of assortment is beneficial for buyers, but can generate logistical difficulties and additional costs for packing orders. In order to streamline the shipping process, we integrated the e-store with an external system. The software independently analyzes the dimensions and weight of products to optimally pack them for shipment. Then, depending on the dimensions, it determines the price and proposed delivery methods and transmits this information to the logistics partner's WMS system. In this way, the e-shop owner reduces logistics costs, and the buyer receives clear information about costs.

But what if a customer wants to return a product for any reason? In response to the need to streamline the returns process, we spent more than 200 development hours developing a custom solution. The Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) module shortens the path of the return process. The customer doesn't have to fill out complicated forms - all he has to do is mark the products he wants to return or exchange on his profile. This also streamlines the work of the administrator, who has an overview of the request and can automatically approve or reject it.

With the best decision in mind - additional functionality

Materials calculators

We have implemented two calculators - a tile converter and an adhesive converter, which allow us to automatically calculate the price when ordering a specific quantity of products. What is each of them responsible for?

The tile calculator recalculates the final price based on the area in square meters specified by the customer. It also allows you to determine the percentage stock. This is especially helpful because tiles are generally sold by square meters or packages - for the algorithm this distinction is not a difficulty. The adhesive calculator, on the other hand, calculates the appropriate amount of material based on the surface area and tile size indicated by the user. The final result will always be given rounded to the nearest whole package, so the customer can be sure that he will not run out of the necessary materials.

Product availability

We have also placed on the product card information about the availability of selected items, which changes dynamically depending on the number of items added to the cart. In this way, the customer, modifying his order, receives an updated message about the waiting time. Depending on the number of items available in stock, one of the messages appears - "as of now" or the expected waiting time (in days), along with information on the available number of products at the moment. This improvement allows the customer to accurately plan purchases and estimate delivery times.

What's more, after adding a product to the shopping cart, the customer will be notified about current promotions and their rules. For example, if the user has only 2 products in the shopping cart and the promotion applies to 3 items, he will receive a message encouraging him to complete the purchase to take advantage of the discount. Information about a more favorable offer will certainly be welcomed by shoppers.

To improve the user experience, we also implement:

  • One step checkout that allows you to place an order via a single card,
  • ElasticSearch search engine expanded with an overlay that extends its capabilities,
  • Custom module allowing to add attachments on the product card (e.g. manuals or technical parameters),
  • Social proof notification, which is the ability to display announcements about the popularity of products on their card ("this product has been purchased 10 times recently"),
  • Product presentation options that comply with the Omnibus directive.

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