Symfony is the leading framework of PHP programming language.

It is used to create websites and online apps and it is preferred for its flexibility and safety – you've seen them in action if you've visited the BBC, MTV, Bla Bla Car, or tens of thousands of other websites.

Advox Studios, is an experienced and trusted Symfony developer. Here are some reasons why this platform might be perfect for your business.

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Symfony 3 is an open source platform, which has spurred a large and capable development community that delivers innovative extensions and expanded functionalities on a daily basis. The benefit to users is obvious: the correct configuration of Symfony allows to do whatever you need it to do.

This flexibility means that performance can be tailored across industries, specialities, languages, compatibilities, and more... and that's kind of our speciality!



Symfony is engineered to utilise PHP language extremely efficiently. That level of optimisation reduces the time, effort, and resources expended during development and testing. Downstream requirements for maintenance are also smaller.

These efficiency benefits are achieved without sacrificing quality, which makes Symfony even more attractive.



Websites based on Symfony are distinguished by their safety and limited vulnerability.

We are able to build your website or application with best security performance.



Add simplicity to the benefits listed above. The platforms are engineered for ease of use. The framework code is clear and stable which reduces the number of mistakes.

Symfony components are supported with regular upgrades and enhancement of security.

If you like to make money, you will love


Modern corporate website created on Symfony Framework. We were responsible for the whole project from design to development back-end with custom CMS and client panel.

A small homeland in the virtual world

Contrary to what you may think, there is life beyond e-commerce for us. That is why we decided to create the Kalisz Virtual Photo Museum. It was done as a one-page, using Symfony framework and AJAX.