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The result of nearly one-and-a-half years of cooperation with Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze, the owner of Wiadomości Handlowe, is a dedicated content management system (CMS), which makes it possible to manage a professional information portal in a simple, time-saving way. The modern graphic layout, designed by our team, enabled the client’s editors to engage their readers even more by presenting the most important information from the FMCG sector in a clear way.




A few numbers

>18 months of work
>4 Frontend developers
>5 Symfony 4 programmers
>nearly 9000 hours of programming, QA, Project Management
>dedicated QA
>1 project manager
>committed graphic designer

The result? Dedicated CMS system that provides for content management, built on the basis of microservices, with a built-in newsletter system with developed API documentation.

A bit of the project history...

For many years, Wiadomości Handlowe has deservedly been a strong player on the market - being active both offline (self-published monthly magazines) and online, it is a daily, reliable source of information about FMCG trade and distribution.

The objectives of the cooperation with ADVOX Studio were both to eliminate the technological debt, which all companies operating online are facing at some point, and to implement solutions that will allow further development of the brand.

From the perspective of nearly one month of operation (20 July 2020) of the new version of the site - both key goals have been achieved.


The biggest challenge was for our team to understand the daily work of the Editorial Office. Through cyclical calls, meetings and by "reaching" individual solutions in the final phase of the project, it has been possible to achieve an effect allowing the Editorial Office to speed up its work, while maintaining the universality of solutions.

Another challenge was to present the content to the readers in such a way as to engage them in current events, putting emphasis on substantive discussions - which is to be reached by the Discussion Forum available from the website's home page.

Apart from the need to import a few entries from the former database :)

>about 50 thousand articles
>over 25,000 comments
>over 1,000 photos and videos
>nearly 10,000 products
>several dozen e-edition of the month periodical
>over 100,000 photos and recordings
>a large database of newsletter subscribers

About the technology


Pics or didn't happen? There you go!

Articles’ Management
Extensive "Newsletters" section
Newsletter generator based on drag&drop solutions
Integrated Advertising Management System
Fully customisable main menu
Extensive search engine based on Elastic Search

And many others!

Dedicated CMS - Key Features of the project

Content management of entries (articles, galleries, interactive PDF editions, static pages)

Newsletter generator, allowing to manage their content through drag & drop and integrated with other system functionalities

Newsletter dispatch queuing system

Cross-designed media base - a photo repository available for each system element

Integrated advertising system

Management of individual sections of the visual layer - from the menu, through the header, to the user's consents

Possibility of creating products available for users

Fully configurable rights section for System Administrators - range of rights possible to set within 5 minutes

Any possibility of expansion with new solutions - the whole system has been created on the basis of microservices

The system from scratch is designed to support multiple domains - one administration panel, which allows for any number of pages!


Have you heard this joke? A developer, journalist and advertising specialist come to the bar... At first it seemed as if working with ADVOX would not be easy. When we reported that we wanted it to be "so normal", the developers immediately asked "what does that mean to be normal?". That is why it is worth emphasizing the project support that ADVOX has offered us in addition to its development experience. The support and contribution to all the work the studio has done is priceless.

Thanks to the involvement of the ADVOX studio we managed to jump a few steps in the development of our portal and move on to new tracks in the development of our online media. In a word, the key to understanding how much work we have done for each other is potential. The secret of the project lies not only in the much clearer layout of the whole portal or in the new content management system. It is, above all, the ordering and collection of all the databases that serve as the heart of every website. Now we are not limited by any barriers in planning our further development, and this is an absolutely crucial issue for our dynamically developing company, whose core is to be digital activity.

Cooperation with ADVOX started from the intention to "refresh the layout" of our portal. At some point, the project turned into a thorough rebuilding of the whole service and the logic behind it. This was a challenge not only for us as a customer, but also for ADVOX as a studio. It is not our last word either. Further projects and implementations, as well as ongoing service from ADVOX are on the table.

Bartosz Tesławski, project manager on behalf of Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze.

Our crazy TEAM

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