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Salesforce is a CRM with record-breaking popularity. It is used by big players, such as Wells Fargo - one of the most profitable companies in the US, Activision - the second largest producer of computer games, as well as small and medium-sized companies. What made hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide choose Salesforce?

Why Salesforce?

This CRM definitely facilitates the functioning of a company. As a completely cloud-based platform, it provides comprehensive solutions for businesses. How?

Analysis of team effectiveness

Would you like to measure the effectiveness of individual teams? With Salesforce, you'll identify the most efficient employees and find out which one needs more motivation.


Salesforce is a modern tool that takes advantage of advancements in AI. This CRM automates and greatly streamlines processes - contacting customers, identifying their needs, managing leads and sales. It also helps in more effective cross-departmental collaboration and information sharing.

Business forecasts

"Data Data Data! I can't make bricks without clay," said Sherlock Holmes, and as a fictional character, he predicted completely real, modern times. Salesforce collects the data you need to make business decisions, as well as to track trends and stay ahead of the competition.

Social media management

Salesforce can also positively affect your company's image. As a centralized base, it will become a helpful solution in collecting inquiries from customers sent via social media in one place. From now on, contact with customers will be much faster and more professional.

Why Advox?

Salesforce developers and administrators must demonstrate not only comprehensive knowledge of CRM systems, but also business acumen. We have experienced professionals on our team - business analysts, PMs and developers who are fluent in many modern front-end technologies and frameworks.

We deliver our projects using low-code development, which enables much faster implementation of Customer Experience functionalities and lower average project costs. While completing projects, we focus on aspects related to system integration, data migration and proper adaptation of the new system by end users (change management).

Thanks to our specialization in Magento development, we are able to efficiently integrate both technologies.

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