If you're reading this,

you probably already know about MAGENTO.

And that's a good thing! If not, here's the quick version: Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform used by over 250,000 companies & organisations worldwide. The Nike store? Magento. Olympus? Magento. SEAT, Munchkin, Rosetta Stone, CDP? All Magento.

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Why did these world famous brands and hundreds of thousands of other companies, large and small, choose to base their e-commerce presence on Magento?

Because it's powerful, versatile, dependable and gives them exactly what they want... and Magento can do the same for you.

We are Advox Studio magento experts and an official Magento Partner. Whatever your industry – fashion, retail, electronics, arts & entertainment, healthcare, and more – we can deliver a Magento solution that powers your organisation's growth and boosts your ability to compete.

Magento, after almost a decade of constant development, offers solutions that make your company more able to manage resources, maximise efficiency, and deliver an outstanding e-commerce experience to your customers.



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Rule-based promotions and coupon mechanisms

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Customer groups and user roles

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Product reviews

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Low-stock alerts

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Flexible attributes

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Adaptable filters

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Layered navigation

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3rd party integration (PayPal, DHL, UPS, Fed Ex, and more)



What does that really mean?

It means Advox can enable your Magento e-commerce suite to deliver the best of all worlds. You get all the power, versatility, and efficiency Magento enables, along with limitless customisation because the platform is free to download, install, and modify.
Best Magento developers can provide you with the exact performance framework your organisation needs to thrive.



That means there’s always room to give you more… of everything!

Magento’s flexibility allows endless customisation and the possibility of expanding in any direction, by inviting developers to create a community of modders with thousands of ready-made solutions. Choose any function you need and you can find support for what you want to do.
There are currently 25,000+ Magento extensions available, most of them are free or very affordable. Extensions to manage gift cards, reward points, loyalty programs, affiliate networks, advanced search engines – everything you need is already out there.
And we can bring it all to your doorstep. Additionally, we can create new modules for you, built precisely up to your specifications.



How many items do you have in your store inventory?

Trick question! Magento doesn't care. It is optimised to effortlessly manage any size store, whether you have 10 products or 10,000. Thanks to efficient indexing, Magento can easily handle 500,000 products and some shops run 1 million+ SKUs!



Maybe your product diversity is better served by multiple store fronts? Or you want to organise it according to your region? Or you need to specify service a provider according to the market?

Magento is ready for you! Tell us if you need multiple stores, we can setup Magento so you can manage them from a single admin panel.
Yes, it’s nice. We know that!



Effective SEO is critical to your business – it powers your ability to connect with customers and the marketplace. We’ll be honest: Magento won't do it for you by itself, but it can help you a lot.
Magento generates SEO-friendly URLs and sitemaps, the kind that Google loves to rank above those of your competitors. It also allows you to define meta data in a very convenient and useful way. Best of all, Magento’s advanced SEO toolkit can be further extended with plugins – you choose the SEO performance you need and we'll make it happen!



It’s a priority that includes data safety, transaction security, and file protection. There are many dangers online and 100% security is a myth.

Magento understands that and provides you with regular updates. The platform is constantly tested by the community of developers and security experts, who spot and repair vulnerabilities as they happen. Security patches are necessary and Magento prioritises solutions.


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    We receive your inquiry – hello, nice to meet you!

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    Let's talk! A consultation lets us understand your needs and share potential solutions.

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    We analyse your competitors (they're probably doing something right).

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    First quote submitted for your review.

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    Develop a schedule, so you have the ability to follow along and track progress.

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    When you sign our service agreement, we get right to work.

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    We create a mock-up of your project, so there are no surprises.

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    Begin graphic design tasks.

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    We create tasks in progress-tracking apps (JIRA, Redmine), complete them and test as we go.

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    Throughout this process, we are in constant touch with you to discuss the challenges and talk through possible solutions.

  • 11

    Game on! You receive a fully-functioning store that is ready to drive traffic and income.

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    We’re still here - you receive technical support and any assistance necessary to make the most of your store.



Unusual store


Shop created on the Magento platform, designed for the presentation of non-standard products. Our client's website needed a change so it was completly refurbished – we were responsible for new design and back-end.

Multisupplement store


Our client decided to refresh old e-commerce system. We developed shop on the Magento platform with many custom modules. We created also custom ERP and CRM system synchronized with each other.

Fashion store


Shop created on the Magento platform designed to make shopping easier and more pleasant. Thanks to new visual and UX design website become more friendly and easy to explore.