Magento 2 development

Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce) implementations - deliver a new quality of eCommerce

We will create a functional B2B or B2C online store that will satisfy all your customers' expectations

Nike, Castorama, Olympus, Samsung - have you ever visited the website of these international giants? Have you appreciated the loading speed, the layered navigation, and the extensive functionalities of their online stores? Have you found the necessary information without any problems due to the well-thought-out structure? Have you had anything to complain about during the purchasing process? Yes, you have been on Magento websites. And the elements listed above are just a part of the customer experience - as an eCommerce owner, you can get even more out of this platform.

Why do companies implement Adobe Commerce (Magento)?

  • extensive functionalities, modules and extensions,
  • capacity to handle very high traffic,
  • scalability and multi-store functionality.
  • have editable product attributes,
  • be distinguished by flexible filters,
  • have the option to post reviews,
  • divide customer groups and user roles,
  • give you a chance to put a product on your wishlist,
  • have mechanisms of promotions and discount coupons (in accordance with the fixed rules) ,
  • be optimized for loading speed,
  • be designed with SEO in mind.

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Magento extensions - to enhance your eCommerce

Looking for proof that we are experts in our industry? The features we've created to address the specific needs of our customers (both B2B and B2C) will convince you. Below are some examples - do you have an impression that any of them was designed for your online store?

Mobile first? For our customers who have chosen Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce) store, we implement PWA application - as an official partner of ScandiPWA. Progressive Web App is a modern and functional combination of features characteristic for websites and native mobile applications. Why is it a solution that applies today?

Because of its flexibility - this is what you should count on in times when the dynamics of change in the technology industry can quite often surprise you. Such a feature is the main advantage of adopting the microservices architecture for development - instead of the monolithic approach used so far. The use of API-first in the construction of PWA allows to freely exchange of individual elements of the web platform, ensuring constant adaptation to changing business needs.

01. Why is Advox a right choice in my case?
02. Will Advox be able to address my needs?
03. Why Magento is the best eCommerce platform?
04. Which version of Magento should I use?
05. What does the future hold for Magento? Can I safely opt for this platform?

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