UX and UI may sound very complex to you, but what’s all the fuss about?

It all boils down to the attitude embraced during the design process of your product, for example your website or online store. That means, we care about both the business performance of your product AND its usability for future clients.

So how we do it? Scroll down to find out!

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We begin by sourcing all the data necessary to inform the design process. We get to know all about your future customers, including their needs and experiences. We diagnose the problems they struggle with and verify our ideas, to find the point of contact between your business goals and end-user needs. We also investigate your market, competition, and emerging trends, to create a foundation for sustainable success.



Analysis of gathered information shapes our initial vision for your project, which we then focus into specific scenarios and potential decisions about functionalities, defined as: Must Have, Should Have, Nice To Have.

Not a bad process so far, right?



During this phase we design user flows, create first drafts, and architect mock ups, first in low-fidelity then increasingly complex and authentic, including clickable and animated graphic elements. Our design process is iterative: the prototype is consulted, amended, and re-consulted until we reach a design that is superb.



Target graphic design is conceptualised, approved, and forwarded to the development team. We create a schedule, which we review with you: this allows you to follow along during implementation. Throughout implementation, your product is routinely tested and re-tested, until it's perfect.

Not just good... P-E-R-F-E-C-T.



Everyone's favourite part: we go live with your project. Think that's the end? Not for us. Every infant needs attention, care, and support. We stay with you to ensure everything is working smoothly, with troubleshooting and improvement wherever needed.

Once your baby is all grown up and ready to face the world, it's okay to cry :)



Our UX & UI design process is successful and proven. We are diligent, experienced, and motivated to meet your strategies & goals with a product that is sleek, efficient, reliable, and tuned to thrill your customers. Thanks to an iterative, cycle-based work methodology we are able to anticipate challenges, successfully adapt, and facilitate your project's evolution.

And if it sounds like we're bound up in our process, don't worry: we always know how to customise based on your individual requirements for budget, schedule, resources, and performance goals.

Trust us, we've done this before. We look forward to doing it for you!

Walk a mile in their shoes

And it is possible thanks to what we've built for our client - a new, visually-appealing modern store on completly new higher level with Magento 2 platform. We accompanied the store with an Advox-made graphic design, also equipped with a number of integration with delivery companies (InPost & others) to make consumer's life easier.

A small homeland in the virtual world

Contrary to what you may think, there is life beyond e-commerce for us. That is why we decided to create the Kalisz Virtual Photo Museum. It was done as a one-page, using Symfony framework and AJAX.