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We are a partner in the eCommerce revolution. From the very beginning we guide our clients step by step through the whole process of designing and implementing advanced IT systems. And these not only work, but generate profits and help to build positive experiences. So what do you say we get to know each other?

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We are a software house with several years of experience. Apart from creating advanced B2B and B2C online stores on the Magento platform, we implement many other services, functionalities and IT products that make your eCommerce grow and leave the competition far behind. We provide all the necessary complex functionalities and integrations with external systems, including WMS, ERP, CRM, SAP. Our platforms are scalable, secure, optimized and tailored to the needs of our customers.

We understand your business

Our work is treated as an exchange of experience. We like to start cooperation with a client from deep analysis and competitive intelligence to understand business goals and propose the best solutions. Each time we select the project management methodology according to the client's needs and the challenge set before us. Performance and profitability are our guiding principles.

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Work easier while doing more - marketing automation in practice

Check which marketing automation tools are worth using to improve your e-business processes. Compare available solutions, discover their benefits and learn how to create scenarios - all from the latest article on our blog!

Marketplace - a better choice than an online store?

When starting or running a business and thinking about its development, you have to decide, whether to set up your online store or maybe decide to be present on popular marketplaces. Which way is better? We try to answer this question from the series of "it depends" in this article. Check it out if this question is bothering you too!

eCommerce news #no. 19

Hebe bets on the marketplace, Empik strengthens green logistics, and Izba Gospodarki Elektronicznej publishes its report on the digitalization of the B2B market - we don't miss any news in the eCommerce industry. Want to say the same? Check out the latest edition of our eCommerce News!

Increased consumerism or reCommerce? The long life of second-hand products

When you run both a stationary and an online business, you should keep up to date with consumer trends - it is customer behavior, among other things, that influences how the market shapes up. One of the trends that has been on the agenda is reCommerce. Where has such popularity of aftermarket items come from and what are the implications for eCommerce owners? We explain!

Project Manager in IT team - what do you need to know when applying for this position?

What experience do I need to have to apply for a Project Manager position at an IT company? Do I need to have Magento (Adobe Commerce) at my fingertips to work at Advox? What soft skills are most relevant for this role?

eCommerce news #no. 18

Are you curious what has been happening in the world of eCommerce recently? Check out the latest part of our eCommerce News, in which we reveal what environmental actions have been taken by a well-known sports brand, what consumer trend is gaining importance for eCommerce specialists and whether Poles care about their safety online. We made you curious, didn't we?

Best practices of Dev - SysOps cooperation

Have you ever wondered what are the best practices of DevOps-SysOps collaboration? You can find the answer in the latest article on our blog, which was prepared by Centuria specialists, our long-term business partner in maintaining Magento-based store infrastructure. Lots of practical knowledge - guaranteed!

eCommerce news #no. 17

eBay relaunches its operations in Poland, Allegro offers another language version, and Furgonetka comes to the rescue for abandoned shopping carts - something is constantly happening in the world of eCommerce. Be always up to date - check out the next edition of our eCommerce News!

UX audit of an online store - rescuing abandoned shopping carts

Low conversions and website traffic? An increasing number of abandoned shopping carts? Such situations should be a red flag for you and convince you to find a specialist who conducts a UX audit of online stores. Why? We explain this in our article!

Back-up of an online store - why do you need it?

Keep your eCommerce secure - not just on World Back-up Day! The holiday, which falls every year on March 31, is the perfect opportunity to learn what types of back-ups exist, why you should have them, and why you should perform them. Everything you need to know to protect yourself from April Fools - in the latest article on our blog!

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